Grow your online sales by promoting your products on one of the leading social entertainment platforms with over one billion monthly active users around the world!

With TikTok for WooCommerce, you can sync your store catalog, install the TikTok pixel for campaign performance tracking in 1 click, and set up ads to target your audience in minutes.

TikTok for WooCommerce Features

Seamlessly add TikTok to your WooCommerce store and connect directly to your TikTok for Business account. Then, automatically sync your product catalog and create ads that instantly connect shoppers with what they want to buy.

Catalog Sync

Automatically sync your WooCommerce product catalog to TikTok in minutes, unlocking catalog-based ad formats like Collection Ads and Dynamic Showcase Ads. This feature enables you to promote all your products and is perfect for getting your future customers excited about your products.

Advanced TikTok Pixel

Easily measure and maximize your advertising efforts by installing the most advanced TikTok Pixel on your website with one-click. It automatically updates and leverages advanced matching capabilities to increase the visibility of your ads in front of the right shoppers, to optimize the results of your campaign efforts, and to maximize your return on ad spend.

Ad Campaign Creation in Minutes

Help the right shoppers find your profile and store with one of TikTok’s powerful creative ad formats and easily get started with ad creation by selecting “Create an Ad” right from your dashboard.

From there, you will be taken to the Ads Creation Module. One of its key features is a Smart Video Generator that helps you create videos for your ads using your very own product pictures in minutes!

Diverse and Engaging Ad Formats Available on TikTok Ads Manager

  • Promote:Bolster your organic videos to reach more viewers, guide more people to your website, and improve your chances of gaining followers directly from the TikTok app!

  • Lead Gen Ads:Seamlessly collect new leads on TikTok with instant, customizable forms that integrate with CRM partners to make qualifying and converting leads even simpler.

  • Spark Ads:Create a native ad display that uses organic TikTok posts and features. Publish ads using your TikTok account posts or work with our creators to use their organic posts.

  • Collection Ads:Maximize product discovery with custom product cards and drive immediate purchases by combining video ads, product cards, and a full-screen landing page all in one ad.

  • Dynamic Showcase Ads:Leverage your automatically synced catalog to show the most relevant products to targeted and interested users.

Creative Expertise

Creating exciting ads that increase traffic has never been easier with the help of our creative partners! Our trusted, select group of TikTok Marketing Partners have a diverse set of expertise in Campaign Management, Measurement, Creative, Sounds, and Effects for all your advertising needs. There’s a partner for every budget ready to work with you to develop content that reaches customers across the globe!

Ready to go? Let’s get started!

Get your business ready to advertise on TikTok in 3 easy steps:

  1. Download and add TikTok for WooCommerce to your WooCommerce store.
  2. Follow the prompts to complete set-up and create or connect your TikTok accounts.
    • Sign-in or create a new TikTok Account
    • Authorize WooCommerce to connect with TikTok for Business
    • Connect your existing Business Center Account or create a new one in 1 click
    • Connect your existing TikTok Ads Manager account or create a new one in 1 click
    • Install the pixel and activate Advanced Matching for optimized tracking
    • Sync your product catalog
  3. For extra visibility, be sure to add your store website to your TikTok bio directly in the integration.


What does TikTok for WooCommerce enable?

With the TikTok channel setup you will have:

  • Easy TikTok For Business and Ad accounts set-up
  • Developer-mode pixel installed in one click
  • Automatic catalog sync, which powers access to ad formats like Collection Ads and Dynamic Showcase Ads
  • Access to assisted ad-campaign creation within your dashboard

Do I need to have a TikTok account?

You don’t need an organic TikTok account to run ads like Collection Ads. To use more upcoming Shopping features, you will need an account with an organic presence.

What events does the TikTok Pixel for WooCommerce support?

The developer-mode pixel automatically installed during the TikTok channel set-up supports View Content, Start Checkout, Add-to-Cart, and Purchase.

Why should I install this now?

Even if you do not currently run ads, the Pixel will begin to collect data. It will allow you to retarget and reach TikTok users interested in your products. Also, only channel users will have pre-general release access to some of our upcoming visibility tools.

What is Advanced Matching?

Advanced Matching is an upgrade to the TikTok Pixel. It allows you to send privacy-safe hashed customer information (email addresses and phone numbers) to increase the match rate between TikTok ad clicks, views (at a later date), and conversions on your website.

How can I create ads on TikTok?

You may create ads on TikTok Ads Manager and, or via our TikTok integration (for a conversion campaign). For access to all other objectives (such as reach, traffic, app installs, video views, and lead generation), please use TikTok Ads Manager. See how to choose the right objective here.

Are there any prerequisites before ads creation?

You must have your Ad Account in an approved state and have payment methods set up before an ad campaign can start delivery. For more details on account approval, please click here.

For more details on accepted payment methods, please click here.

Will I be able to see all campaigns implemented via the TikTok for WooCommerce integration on TikTok Ads Manager?

You will be able to see all campaigns created on the TikTok integration on your TikTok Ads Manager account.

Which product categories are allowed for advertising?

Click here for a detailed overview of product category restrictions in our advertising.

Need help with installation?

In order to submit a customer support ticket, you must have a TikTok for Business Account.

  1. Go to Customer Support
  2. Login with your TikTok for Business Account credentials
  3. Select “E-Commerce Platform Integration”
  4. Under Question Category, select “TikTok and Business Plugin Channel Setting”
  5. Fill out the required fields in the support ticket


7 Mart 2023 1 yanıt
Hi,We installed the plugin Tik Tok for Woocommerce on our website, but we see an error message in the plugin settings page.This is the error message:___________ Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function as_has_scheduled action()in/bitnami/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/tiktok-for-woocommerce/mapi/Tt4b_Mapi_Class.phponline273 Call stack:Tt4b_Mapi_Class:fetch_eligibility!)/bitnami/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/tiktok-for-woocommerce/admin/Tt4b_Menu_Class.php:124Tt4b Menu Class:tt4b_admin_menu_main()wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php:308WP_Hook:apply-filters()wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php:332WP Hook::do action()wp-includes/plugin.php:517do action()wp-admin/admin.php:259 ____________Plugin, Woocommerce and Wordpress are updated to the latest version. How can we solve the error?Thanks
20 Şubat 2023 1 yanıt
We have been an advertisers on TikTok for a while and so we decided to install the TikTok for Business plugin to cement the integration between our site and our TikTok Business and Advertising accounts. Whew… what a disaster. Neither I nor my product people realised that the single product page was broken… no images were showing throughout the site, they were not showing on the single product pages for any product. The single product page was broken, with no JavaScript executing, the detailed description not showing, ratings not showing, page footer not showing… just a strange half page thingie that resembled a working page (which is why we all missed it). After much mucking about the WordPress debug logs fingered the TikTok plugin Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: Argument 1 passed to Logger::maybe_output_pixel_data() must be of the type array, string given, called in .../wp-content/plugins/tiktok-for-woocommerce/logging/Logger.php After terminating (deactivating and deleting) the TikTok plugin (with extreme prejudice, I might add), everything was back to normal. TikTok can eff-around with their app… they shouldn't eff-around with our livelihoods! That is 3-hours of my life that I am never getting back… not to mention the lost revenue, and damaged reputation.
16 Şubat 2023 1 yanıt
In a word CR4P! It simply doesn't work.
16 Ocak 2023 1 yanıt
Broke my product page and Add to the cart option. I had to waste a day figuring this one out, which is the most expensive part of the experience. Plus the frustration. When active, it breaks the UI of my product page. Let us know when it's back working properly, I'll then give it another try and update the review.
16 Ocak 2023 1 yanıt
Just realized my ad money for this past weekend went straight into the toilet thanks to this plugin. It caused my product page to error out so all my visitors couldn't purchase.
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Değişiklik Kaydı

2023-5-25 – version 1.1.0
* Add – Enable variable products and variations to sync to TikTok catalog
* Add – Enable pixel to support variable products and variations

2023-3-15 – version 1.0.16
* Add – WooCommerce Onboarding task asking users to connect to TikTok
* Update – Setup improvement to allow connection of existing pixels

2023-1-17 – version 1.0.15
* Fix – type conversion when outputting pixel data

2023-1-12 – version 1.0.14
* Update – enhancements to launch page content
* Fix – updates activation logic when WooCommerce is not installed
* Tweak – updates to post-setup page and backend optimizations

2022-12-8 – version 1.0.13
* Fix – Avoid fatal errors when WooCommerce is not installed

2022-11-29 – version 1.0.12
* Update – TTCLID enabled for improved pixel attribution
* Update – Support for up to 10 product images
* Tweak – Product sync improvement to support trash, untrash and deleted products
* Fix – Fix for disconnecting and uninstall logic
* Update – Support for Events API debugging

2022-11-08 – version 1.0.11
* Update – Product sync improvement for inventory and orders
* Update – Onboarding improvement to improve catalog syncing functionality

2022-10-20 – version 1.0.10
* Update – Content ID mapping for pixel and catalog
* Update – Onboarding Improvement for address entry
* Tweak – Improvement to redirect url logic for website URL changes

2022-09-29 – version 1.0.9
* Update – Overview page banner update for campaign support
* Fix – Update to Woo header value to fix paid upgrade bug
* Fix – Log version number for action scheduler product syncing

2022-09-16 – version 1.0.8
* Update – Enable scheduled product sync for better performance
* Update – Onboarding improvements for ad account setup
* Tweak – Update event tracking for launch and post-setup page

2022-08-10 – version 1.0.7
* Fix – Performance issue related to catalog syncing and signal tracking
* Tweak – Remove admin notice for file error

2022-08-03 – version 1.0.6
* Update – Admin notice for file error fix

2022-07-25 – version 1.0.5
* Fix – Disconnection on upgrade error

2022-07-18 – version 1.0.4
* Fix – Catalog syncing issues
* Tweak – Show launch page when Ad Blocker is enabled
* Tweak – Updated signal and event tracking

2022-06-29 – version 1.0.3
* Tweak – Updated signal and event tracking

2022-06-15 – version 1.0.2
* Fix – Update Pixel Event instrumentation to fire correctly

2022-05-24 – version 1.0.1
* Fix – Installation errors

2022-04-15 – version 1.0.0
* Initial release