Widget for Google Reviews


To get more features we have Business version of the plugin

This plugin display Google Business Reviews on your websites in sidebar widget. A unique feature of the plugin is that it saves reviews in WordPress database and have no depend on any services like Google to show reviews in the widget.

Online demo

Plugin Features

  • Free!
  • SEO
  • Multiple Google places connection
  • Reviews auto-updating
  • Shortcode support!
  • Auto refresh reviews
  • Shows “Based on … reviews” section
  • Trim long reviews with “read more” link
  • Support any page builder: Gutenberg, Elementor, Page Origin, Beaver Builder, WPBakery, Divi
  • Displays up to 5 Google business reviews per location
  • Keep all reviews in WordPress database
  • Shows real reviews from G+ users to increase user confidence
  • Easy search of place and instantly show reviews
  • Custom business place photo
  • Review list theme
  • Pagination
  • Support dark websites
  • Nofollow, target=”_blank” links
  • Zero load time regardless of your site
  • Works even if Google is unavailable

Get More Features with Business version!

Upgrade to Business

  • New awesome flash theme!
  • Possibility to connect multiple locations
  • Displays ALL reviews through Google My Business (GMB) API
  • Automatically reviews sync
  • Merge reviews between each other from different platforms (Google, Facebook, Yelp) and places
  • Powerful Collection Builder
  • Slider/Grid themes to show G+ reviews like testimonials
  • Google Trust Badge (right/left fixed or embedded)
  • ‘Write a review’ button to available leave Google review directly on your website
  • Show/hide any elements (business, reviews, avatars, names, time and etc)
  • Any Sorting: recent, oldest, rating, striped, random
  • Include/Exclude words filter
  • Minimum rating filter
  • Priority support

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  • Email support support@richplugins.com
  • Live support https://richplugins.com/forum

Ekran Görüntüleri

  • Google Reviews shortcode
  • Google Reviews widget
  • Google Reviews shortcode builder
  • Google Reviews sidebar widget


  1. Unpack archive to this archive to the ‘wp-content/plugins/’ directory inside of WordPress
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


25 Kasım 2021
Very easy to implement, anyone can use this plugin. Looks just like google's pages.
22 Kasım 2021
Das Widget funktioniert großartig, grafisch gute Darstellung auf der website, die flexibel angepasst werden kann. Etwas tricky ist es, eine regelmäßige, automatische Aktualisierung zu programmieren (man muss bei GOOGLE einen API-Schlüssel anfordern). Es gibt aber ein kleines, ausreichend gutes Tutorial dazu
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Değişiklik Kaydı


  • Reassembled production assets (js, css)


  • Bugfix: duplicate reviews for empty language
  • Style fixes


  • Ajax auto-save for widgets
  • Small bug fixes


  • Improve instantly Google reviews connection
  • Separated assets to dist and src for speed up the loading
  • Preparing a database for introducing rating & reviews stats
  • Deleted unused JS libraries
  • Dropped unused db columns
  • Update support page


  • Instantly Google reviews connecting
  • Full Google reviews multi-language support
  • Bug and style fixes


  • Plugin keeps the widgets and shortcodes
  • Reviews feed builder
  • Separate menu in wp-admin
  • Fully architecture redesign
  • Bug fixes


  • Bugfix: PHP 8 problem (vsprintf(): Argument #2 ($values) must be of type array)


  • Improved usability
  • Installation guide fixed
  • Bugfix: __ function instead of grw_i


  • Update to WordPress 5.8
  • Update settings page and Full Installation Guide


  • Little bugfix
  • Removed external debug information


  • Remove http in svg type


  • Update to WordPress 5.7
  • Improve: added Ukrainian language
  • Bugfix: little fixes in Swedish translation


  • Bugfix: powered by icon large width


  • Updated welcome description
  • Added hi-res powered by images
  • Improve: RTL support
  • Bugfix: business avatar shadow
  • Bugfix: ‘read more’ supports UTF


  • Small bugfix with a translations
  • Update to WordPress 5.6


  • Improve: Added Full Installation Guide
  • Improve: Added Slovenian language
  • Improve: Increased refresh reviews timeout
  • Bugfix: Google default avatar quality is 128px


  • Improve: Added Swedish language
  • Bugfix: Google default avatar quality is 128px


  • Update to WordPress 5.5
  • Improve: Added Lao language
  • Improve: Added Greek language
  • Improve: Added Russian language


  • Added text domain and path for localization
  • Bugfix: W3C compatibility
  • Bugfix: Some fixes for fr_FR locale


  • Bugfix: create db fixes


  • Improve: added reviews moderation
  • Bugfix: some fixes with locales


  • Bugfix: fatal error when reinstall from scratch
  • Bugfix: little fixes for locales


  • Improve: added new locale sk_SK
  • Improve: added new locale de_AT
  • Improve: update installation video, readme and screenshots
  • Bugfix: Yoast XML plugin makes ‘Class not found’ error


  • Improve: added ‘Based on … reviews’ feature
  • Improve: added hide reviews option


  • Update to WordPress 5.3
  • Improve: added dots for read more link
  • Improve: added width, height, title for img elements (SEO)
  • Improve: added rel=”noopener” option
  • Improve: added new locale cs_CZ


  • Improve: added advance options panel
  • Bugfix: 404 link to all reviews page for some places


  • Bugfix: is_admin checks for notice


  • Improve: shortcode support
  • Improve: added new locale bg_BG
  • Improve: admin notie
  • Bugfix: undefined widget property in Elementor


  • Bugfix: some style fixes


  • Bugfix: fix French, Dutch and German translations


  • Update to WordPress 5.2
  • Bugfix: conflict with a Bootstrap css in the widget


  • Improve: added auto schedule for refreshing Google reviews
  • Improve: added new locale fi_FI
  • Improve: added new locale he_IL


  • Improve: reduce reviewer avatars size
  • Improve: added option for image lazy loading


  • Update readme and links to the business version


  • Improve: added hook to enqueue scripts and styles


  • Update to WordPress 5.1
  • Bugfix: issue with an empty language


  • Improve: ‘read more’ link feature
  • Improve: direct link to reviews on Google map
  • Improve: language support of Google reviews
  • Improve: added centered option
  • Improve: update widget design
  • Improve: update setting page design


  • Update plugin to WordPress 5.0
  • Improve: added a default sorting by recent
  • Improve: added a detailed instruction how to create a Google Places API key


  • Bugfix: fixed the issues with working on site builders (SiteOrigin, Elementor, Beaver Builder and etc)
  • Bugfix: aseerts loaded with plugin’s version to uncached


  • Bugfix: fill hash in reviews database


  • Important note: Google Places API now returns reviews with anonymous authors, we added support of this
  • Improve: widget works in any page builders (SiteOrigin, Elementor, Beaver Builder and etc.)


  • Important note: Google has changed the Places API and now this is limited to 1 request per day for new accounts, we have changed the plugin according to this limitation
  • Improve: added feature to upload custom place photo


  • Bugfix: remove deprecated function create_function()


  • Improve: support of SiteOrigin builder
  • Bugfix: fix css classes for the setting page


  • Feature: Added pagination
  • Feature: Get business photo for place
  • Feature: Added maximum width and height options
  • Improve: Added compatibility with WP multisite
  • Improve: Added checking of Google API key
  • Bugfix: change DB.google_review.language size to 10 characters
  • Bugfix: corrected time ago messages


  • Fixed incorrect messages in the time library
  • Added Italian language (it_IT)


  • Improve: Added language setting
  • Added Polish language (pl_PL)
  • Added Portuguese language (pt_PT)
  • Update plugin to WP 4.9


  • Widget options description corrected
  • Bugfix: widget options loop
  • Added Danish language (da_DK)


  • Tested up to WordPress 4.8
  • Improve: change permission from activate_plugins to manage_options for the plugin’s settings
  • Bugfix: CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION for curl used only with open_basedir and safe_mode disable
  • Bugfix: cURL proxy fix


  • Update description
  • Bugfix: use default json_encode if it’s possible


  • Bugfix: badge, available for old versions, not clickable


  • Bugfix: set charset collate for plugin’s tables
  • Improve: extract inline init script of widget to separate js file (rplg.js), common for rich plugins


  • Full refactoring of widget code
  • Bugfix: widget options check
  • Bugfix: SSL unverify connection
  • Bugfix: remove line breaks to prevent wrapped it by paragraph editor’s plugins
  • Added debug information


  • Added Catalan language (ca)
  • Added Spanish language (es_ES)
  • Added Turkish language (tr_TR)


  • Remove ‘Live Support’ tab from setting page
  • Added instruction and video how to get Google Places API Key
  • Added Dutch language (nl_NL)


  • Bugfix: time-ago on English by default, update readme, added fr_FR locale


  • Bugfix, update readme


  • Added localization for German (de_DE)


  • Bugfix: remove unused variable


  • Bugfix: auto-updating existing place rating


  • Update readme


  • Bugfix, Added search by Google Place ID


  • Bugfix: update path images in reviews helper


  • Bugfix: update path images