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2 Temmuz 2020 1 yanıt
After searching on the internet i found this plugin for Bulk order. The layout is exactly what i expected. But i have some style sheet issues on my other language pages. I have 1 website in 4 languages. After contact support the issues was solved extreme quickly! So not even the plugin is great, even the support is fast and good. I would recommend this plugin!! Kind regards Eric
27 Mayıs 2020 1 yanıt
Plugin works great, customer support was super quick and helpful. Unfortunately the plugin only works on one page which might be annoying to some people. I would pay money for a pro version for multiple pages! Just a thought 🙂
6 Haziran 2019 1 yanıt
This plugin does exactly what it is supposed to and would be well worth the money if it was premium - the fact that it's free makes it even better! The support is very rapid and friendly, with excellent communication. Look forward to seeing your next plugins!
6 Haziran 2019 1 yanıt
I had a problem with the plugin on my site, and they solved me quickly, the attention was very kind, and the result was as expected. Thanks for everything.
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