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Collecting payments with Paysera is simple, fast and secure. It is enough to open Paysera account, install the plug-in to your store, and you will be able to use all of the most popular ways of payment collection in one place. No need for complicated programming or integration work. With Paysera you will receive real time notifications about successful transactions in your online store, and the money will reach you sooner. No monthly, registration or connection fee.

It is simple to use and administer payment collection, and you can monitor movement of funds in your smartphone. Client services and consultation takes place 7 days a week, from 8:00 till 20:00 (EET). Payments are made in real time.

Paysera applies the lowest fees on the market, and payments from foreign banks and systems are converted at best possible rates.

To use Paysera payment gateway, register at paysera.com and create your project. To apply for Paysera you must Register. Our extension, your account and support is free. Only for selling a transaction fee is charged. For further information regarding the Paysera fees please visit: Paysera fees.

All popular couriers in one place. No more separate agreements with each and every delivery company. Offer your buyers
to choose delivery by the most popular couriers in the country with almost no additional effort for you as an e-shop owner.
For further information regarding the Paysera fees please visit:

Benefits and possibilities of using Paysera checkout

  • Plenty of payment methods. Payments via more than 10 000 local and foreign banks, and with Visa, MasterCard, Maestro cards. Payments via international payments systems, in cash and directly via Paysera.
  • Plenty of countries and currencies. Service your clients from all over the world. Paysera operates in 184 countries and supports more than 30 currencies. The payment window is translated to 18 languages. Let your clients pay you conveniently and provide information the language they can understand.
  • Convenient administration. It is easy to manage one or several e-payment projects, as the account can be accessed at any time of the day and from anywhere by logging in to Paysera e-payments system.
  • Perhaps the lowest price on the market. Save money with Paysera Checkout. Our prices are among the best on the market, and we apply very favorable currency exchanges rates when executing transfers from foreign banks and systems.
  • Real-time notifications. Receive information about a successful payment immediately and issue purchases to clients faster. Be informed about a payment error instantly and return money with a click of a button.
  • All income to one account. It is easy to monitor and manage income when you do not have many accounts in different banks. Income is collected to one Paysera account, which makes it even easier to see the detailed statistics and form reports.
  • Safe payments online. Place the special sign “Safe payment online” and let your clients know that it is safe to purchase goods or services on your website, as you are using Paysera solution for safe payments.
  • Leasing services. Provide your clients with the possibility of hire purchase. Along with payment methods, offer leasing services provided by General Financing and MokiLizingas.

Client services and consultation takes place 7 days a week, from 8:00 till 20:00 (EET).


For any questions, please look for the answers at Support or contact customer support center by email support@paysera.com or by phone +44 20 80996963 | +370 700 17217.

For technical documentation visit: Developers documentation

Ekran Görüntüleri

  • Paysera checkout view
  • Backend Main Settings
  • Backend Extra Settings
  • Backend Order Status


Follow video tutorial or instructions below.

-= Installation by FTP =-
1. Download Paysera plugin zip.
2. Connect to server and go to WordPress base directory.
3. Create New Folder and name it ‘Paysera’ in:
4. Extract files and directories from zip file to newly created ‘Paysera’ folder.
5. Activate Paysera plugin:
Plugins -> Installed Plugins -> Paysera Payment And Delivery -> Activate
6. Configure Paysera plugin in:
Paysera -> Payments
Paysera -> Delivery
Enter checkout project id, password and etc.
7. Save changes.

-= Installation from admin panel (zip file) =-
1. Download Paysera plugin zip.
2. Connect to WordPress admin panel.
3. Install Paysera plugin to WordPress:
Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin -> Choose File -> Choose downloaded zip -> Install Now
4. Activate Paysera plugin:
Plugins -> Installed Plugins -> Paysera Payment And Delivery -> Activate
5. Configure Paysera plugin in:
Paysera -> Payments
Paysera -> Delivery
Enter checkout project id, password and etc.
6. Save changes.

-= Installation from admin panel (marketplace) =-
1. Connect to WordPress admin panel.
2. Install Paysera plugin to WordPress:
2.1. Plugins -> Add New;
2.2. Find ‘Paysera Payment And Delivery’;
2.3. Install.
3. Activate Paysera plugin:
Plugins -> Installed Plugins -> Paysera Payment And Delivery -> Activate
4. Configure Paysera plugin in:
Paysera -> Payments
Paysera -> Delivery
Enter checkout project id, password and etc.
5. Save changes.


21 Ocak 2022
Paysera have lot's of strange rules - if you don't receive payments over their gateway for six months - they block it without notice. To review your renewal request Paysera wants you to keep the broken gateway on your website for more clients to experience some inconvenience. Sorry, but my clients prefer Stripe - that has COMPLETE integration into my website (doesn't redirect to somewhere else), try beating that rather than creating bummers for your clients and wondering why no one uses your gateway. I'm out!
7 Aralık 2021
Most of the time, after any update, the plugin doesn't work, always. So be careful when updating - always do a backup. I bet they don't test the versions at all because just after 1 test payment there is an error.
25 Haziran 2021
Money in Paysera is not insured. They block account with thousands of euros and nobody knows, where is, and how you can get back your money. Probably they going to be bancrupted. Choose regular bank, it safer.
11 Ocak 2021
The plugin works great. It would be cool to have more customisation options. E.g. ability to set custom order for the payment method logos.
12 Kasım 2020
Decent payment gateway. The dashboard is not very modern though and hard to navigate.
12 incelemeyi oku

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