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4 Ağustos 2017
I have installed this plugin to make sure that all my mail is routed externally and that I could receive emails at my website domain email. I though it was a problem with the contact forms so I used 5 different ones but the same problem persisted, I did not get an error but I never received the email in my inbox. The test works because it send an email with SMTP but I think this plugin was coded wrongly and it doesn't route all email externally. I installed another plugin called "Easy WP SMTP" and it worked the first time of setting it up, I can now receive email from my contact forms as well.
18 Temmuz 2017
If only all plugins were this good. It works straight out of the box. Simple to set up - do get all your information, login, password and so on together before you start. I'll be on the look out for any other items from this author.
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