WP Free SSL – Free SSL Certificate for WordPress and force HTTPS


Get free SSL certificate for WordPress in minutes

Do you run ecommerce website? Or You run awesome blog that needs to be secured with SSL certificate. You dont need to spend lot of money on SSL certificate from different services.
Get free SSL certificate with this plugin install the plugin and issue the SSL certificate for your website. You can download the certificate afterward and install it on server.
SSL certificate is issued from LetsEncrypt and is completely valid. SSL certificate will help to imporve your search ranking too.

One-click conversion HTTP to HTTPS of WordPress
On prior coding skill is requied, Just install the plugin and you are just 5 min away from being secured

WordPress FREE SSL Plugin Features

  • One click a Free SSL certificate by verifying your domain ownership.
  • Support all subdomains
  • Redirect HTTP to HTTPS with a simple setting.

How to install WP Free SSL?

  1. Install WP Free SSL
  2. Activate Plugin.
  3. Goto settings and run installation of ssl
  4. Save settings
  5. And you done!

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Use built in automatic installer or,

  1. Copy the plugin folder into /wp-content/plugins
  2. Activate plugin via the plugins page in the WordPress admin
  3. Go to Settings to configure.


  1. How to install SSL certificate?
    Contact your hosting provider. For any issue you can even mai; me on prasadkirpekar@outlook.com


14 Haziran 2022
As much as I am a big fan of Namecheap they are trying to get me to pay for a new SSL cert when I know it's pretty easy to get a free one. I had a look at my options then came across this plugin and it was so easy. Yes it is free and there's no hidden cost. Just great thanks very much.
23 Nisan 2022
Its an awesome plugin for FREE SSL Certificates, I just install it and it do its work 100%. Its a too much useful plugin Recommended Highly.
18 Şubat 2022
Tried tons of similair plugins but none of them did the job. The main reason is that at my provider I have to upload the certificate and the private key manually. Not one plugin does this right. With this plugin I also don't have to deliver a CRS because it generates a correct one itself.
9 Şubat 2022
I had high hopes for the plug in but the DNS challenge kept failing and the developer was not able to fix it. Since the support was okay-ish (friendly but highly unprofessional), I would have settled for a partial refund but got no answer since. I will try to get my money back via freemius support, since I did not get what I paid for, but since the dev kept me for long enough to be a day or two too late to issue a refund via the system, it's propably be tough. The free version works well but there are dozens of other plug-ins that work for one site. Don't pay for it if you want to use it on a multisite.
19 incelemeyi oku

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Fixed certificate install issue
Imporved certificate download tab

Fixed certificate install issue
Imporved certificate download tab

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  • Initial release with DNS based SSL issue.