WP Freshsales


WP Freshsales with meta details, custom fields, woocommerce shipping details etc., as CSV spreadsheet


  • No need for html
  • Integrate WordPress forms fields with CRM fields
  • Field label management
  • Field type management

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Ekran Görüntüleri


  1. First, install CRM WordPress Leads
  2. Then Extract the wp-freshsales.zip in wordpress/wp-content/plugins using FTP or through plugin install in wp-admin.
  3. Activate the plugin in the WordPress plugin list.


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Katkıda bulunanlar

Değişiklik Kaydı


  • Checked: Compatibility for WordPress 6.0.2


  • Checked: Compatibility for WordPress 6.0.1


  • Upgrade now for latest updates.


  • Updated: Freshsales PHP API


  • Added: Compatibility for WordPress 5.8.2
  • Fixed: Freshsales Configuration Page UI Issue.


  • Added: Compatibility for WordPress 5.6
  • Added: PHP 8 compatibility


  • Modified : Activated addon slug.


  • Added : WP CSRF Protection.


  • Fixed : Freshsales Credential Validation Issue.
  • Added : Leads Builder Pro Banner.


  • Checked: Compatibility for WordPress 5.3.2


  • Initial stable release version.