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WP TikTok Feed is the most user-friendly TikTok plugin for WordPress . It was built to simplify the integration, to reduce time to have sites updated and to be on track with social media that shows best growing indicators.


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Nowday’s life is totally connected to new social media apps that shown up constantly. During last months the quantity of TikTok user growed exponentially, and if you want to keep moving as your users do, you have to include the new feeds.
We are glad to present a plugin that helps you to integrate TikTok feed from @ids or #tags inside your WordPress site. Giving the possibility to customize the layout of the display , choosing from gallery or carousel for free version. Adding masonry or highlight alternatives for premium version.
While allowing to set the appearance of display’s boxes, images & backgrounds, masks and buttons.


Due to the limitations of the Tiktok API and WordPress plugin policies, it is no longer possible to display user feeds in the free version.
This functionality has been moved to the premium version that you can get here.

  • Simplicity: Easy to sync up and configure how to display videos from TikTok.


  • Simplicity: Easy to sync up and configure how to display videos from TikTok.
  • Keep on track: site update is automated. Caching Videos and related data from TikTok.
  • API use optimized: include features to cache data, to minimize the requests and reduce loading time.
  • Pop-up box: customizable lightbox to allow users to see your content at your own site.
  • Customization options: alternatives to change appearance, positioning and layout of TikTok’s videos feed.

WP TikTok Feed Features

1: Simplifies video upload.

2: Recovers Video’s data from your feed, as likes and comments.

3: Helps to keep updated your site, getting new feeds from TikTok.

4: Is compatible with any theme.

5: Is responsive and mobile optimized.

6: Allows Multiple TikTok feeds with no limitations.

7: Has reliable data caching.

8: Has different layout alternatives to display the feeds. Available layout options; masonry and gallerry, to allow you to showcase your content in any way you want.

9: Has Pop-up media lightbox: that helps to view the videos from your feed in a beautiful pop-up lightbox which allows users to experience your content without leaving your site.

10: Allows to built-in customization options that allow you to tweak your TikTok feed so that it looks just right.

TikTok setup

WP TikTok Feed plugin offers you a one-click setup. Discarding the requirement to create any app to do this link, like other plugins do.

All you need is to do is to follow predictive steps inside admin panel to select the feed you want to display as a shortcode in any page selecting TikTok @id or #tags videos, by clicking on new feed, customize and saved.

Ekran Görüntüleri

  • Tik Tok Feed / New Feed
  • Tik Tok Feed / General tab
  • Tik Tok Feed / Video tab
  • Tik Tok Feed / Popup tab
  • Tik Tok Feed / Button tab


Bu eklenti 1 blok sağlar.

  • WP Tiktok Feed Box


  1. Go to the Plugins Menu in WordPress
  2. Search for “WP TikTok Feed”
  3. Click “Install”
  4. Go to TikTok in your admin dashboard
  5. Go to TikTok Feeds and press the “New Feed” button
  6. Configure your TikTok feed
  7. Press “Save” button and then copy & paste your shortcode in any page or post


Can I display videos from TikTok Tag?

Yes, you can.

Why my videos are not showing on page?

You have to review your feed, complete and save before pasting the shortcode on your post or page.

Why there are two popups on image click?

There may be some other plugins(like: fancybox, elementor) which also uses image links to open popup. Try to disable popup images option in the setting panel of this plugin, which will allow other plugins to work.


4 Mart 2022
This plugin simply doesn't work. The installation instructions are ridiculous to follow, and once you figure that out the stupid plugin doesn't work at all. I want a refund.
1 Eylül 2021
I know these guys have tried for a while now to get this to work, but it's constantly failing. The feed stops loading, then upgrade to latest version of the plugin fixes that (for a little while), but then stops loading again. Also, TT videos just won't play - something to do with MIME type. Frustrating, but it looks like maybe TT just doesn't like feed scrapers.
23 Haziran 2021
The feed option shows 0 videos no matter what hashtag I use. This is the case with everyone and rather than fixing it, the developer feels like all the hosting services have gone insane. The trading feed still works, so this definitely isn't related to the server. Would update my review after they fix this. Otherwise, it's a useless plugin right now.
18 Haziran 2021
"Unable to get results" shows up on my page, instead of the Tik Tok content,
16 incelemeyi oku

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