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ZeroOne eCommerce Digital Product Distribution


ZeroOne helps digital product sellers grow big by automating tasks and reducing fraud. Source product, manage inventory, connect marketplaces and screen buyers before fulfillment to reduce chargebacks and lost inventory.

ZeroOne Digital Product Distribution

ZeroOne eCommerce provides a pay-per-use service to vendors of digital products such as software licenses, codes, gift cards, DLC, in-game currency, files and more.

ZeroOne customers made over 14M transactions worth over $100M

What is ZeroOne?
ZeroOne Explainer Video

how to get started…

  1. Bring your own products or purchase wholesale from ZeroOne Supply

  2. Connect to marketplaces like eBay and Mercado Libre

  3. Integrate ZeroOne to WooCommerce in minutes

  4. Take orders, screen out fraudulent buyers before goods are delivered

  5. Scale order volume with automated messaging, access and digital product distribution at scale

Ekran Görüntüleri

  • Access ZeroOne through left menu
  • Authentication & Sign in
  • ZeroOne Dashboard


Watch our 3-minute video for setting up ZeroOne and WooCommerce

  1. Create an account at ZeroOne eCommerce (required)

  2. Download the installation plugin

  3. Log in to the WordPress admin panel and go to plugins / add new.

  4. Select the upload plugin button and select the previously downloaded plugin file, then install and activate the plugin.

  5. Log in to the WordPress admin panel and go to plugins / add new.

  6. In the search field, enter ZeroOne.

  7. With the appropriate plugin, click install now.

  8. Go to the tab WooCommerce/ Settings / ZeroOne and select the tab Setup.

  9. Log in to ZeroOne and go to the Integrations / WooCommerce and click the Stores tab

  10. Click Add Store button, name your store, paste the store URL, and click Save

  11. Go to ZeroOne and go to the _settings / account_settings.

  12. If the keys are not generated, click Get API Key.

  13. Copy API Key and API Secret values to the appropriate fields in the plugin and click Connect.

  14. Go to the tab WooCommerce/ settings / ZeroOne and select the tab Overview.

  15. Click Manage Orders on ZeroOne to manage your orders or click Manage Products on ZeroOne to activate your products and start sending codes.

You’re now ready to begin distributing digital products!


I need help / plugin is not working

Please visit ZeroOne Support and chat with us through the Submit a request button or email us support@zerooneecommerce.com

Do I need to create a ZeroOne account?

Yes, it is required. ZeroOne is integrated with WordPress allowing you to seamlessly dispatch products to your customers. You can start with a free account

My products are not sending out

Make sure that:

*The plugin has the status Connected

*The store is added at ZeroOne

*Monitoring is enabled at ZeroOne

*You have enough inventory

*You have enough credits on your ZeroOne account

If the problem persists, contact us at: support@zerooneecommerce.com or visit our support center ZeroOne Support

Do you support recursive codes?

Yes, ZeroOne ecommerce supports distribution of one time use codes and recursive codes.

How much does ZeroOne cost?

Pricing varies depending on volume, but most vendors pay pennies per distribution. More at https://zerooneecommerce.com/pricing


22 Nisan 2022
I tried this out because I saw a competitor using it. I typically sell around 30 codes per day across a few different marketplaces and on my website so it was not 100% needed. But, once I implemented it, I realized that I've been living in unneeded chaos sending codes manually, answering repeat questions, tracking inventory and ZeroOne just does it for me. Things aren't perfect, but, the team has been responsive and helpful in taking feedback and incorporating it.
1 Nisan 2022
ZeroOne gets it done. Source digital products, manage inventory, messaging and multi-marketplace connectivity all in a pay-per-use service.
2 incelemeyi oku

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