AudioIgniter Music Player


Looking for an MP3 music player? AudioIgniter lets you create music playlists and embed them in your WordPress posts, pages or custom post types. By using the standard WordPress media upload functionality, you can create new audio playlists in minutes. Oh, you can use AudioIgniter to stream your radio show too!

Check out the demo now!

Selling digital music?

You can combine AudioIgniter with WooCommerce to easily sell individual tracks.


  • Supports audio and radio streaming
  • Unlimited playlists
  • Unlimited tracks
  • 100% Compatible with Elementor
  • 100% Compatible with Visual Composer
  • 100% Compatible with Gutenberg Block Editor
  • Responsive layout
  • Embed through shortcode
  • Flexible settings per playlist
  • Show/Hide track listing
  • Show/Hide track numbers in tracklist
  • Show numbers in reverse order
  • Show/Hide track covers in playlist
  • Show/Hide active track’s cover
  • Show/Hide artist name
  • Custom “Buy track” URL field
  • Custom “Download” URL field
  • “Full” or “Simple” player mode (Great for podcasts)
  • Limit track listing height
  • Repeat track listing option
  • Maximum player width
  • Automatic ID3 Tag extraction from MP3 files
  • Heavily tested on the 150 most popular free themes on

Supported Services:

  • Acast
  • Amazon S3
  • Anchor
  • Art19
  • AudioBoom
  • Castbox
  • Captivate
  • Icecast
  • Podbean
  • Radiojar
  • Shoutcast
  • Speaker
  • Stitcher
  • Libsyn

But wait, there’s more!

A Pro version is also available! Here’s what you get if you decide to upgrade:

  • Bulk upload functionality
  • Rearrange tracks functionality
  • Stop Tracks From Other Players (Multiple Players In One Page)
  • Track skipping functionality (You can adjust the number of seconds)
  • Playback rate (1x, 1.5x, 2x)
  • Lyrics per track
  • Individual Track Repeat Mode
  • Non-continuous playback (Stop each track after playing)
  • Optional customizable delay between tracks
  • Shuffle playlist mode
  • Starting track option
  • Default track timer to countdown mode
  • Fixed position player (Continuous play must be supported by your theme)
  • Internal taxonomy for archiving purposes
  • Customize the colors through the Customizer
  • Custom block for the Gutenberg Block Editor (With the ability to change colors per player)
  • Widget & Shortcode available
  • Streaming service button links
  • Sync download URL with audio URL automatically
  • Standalone shortcode for single tracks (without the need to create a playlist)
  • Remember last played track and position
  • Per-playlist and per-track analytics

You can expect the same level of support for both the free and pro version of our plugin. Average response time: 24 hours.

Join our Facebook group to discuss new features and stay up to date on our latest releases.

Visit the GitHub repository for full source code and to report any bugs.

Ekran Görüntüleri

  • The AudioIgniter player
  • Managing your playlists via an intuitive and user friendly interface
  • Advanced player customization


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/audioigniter directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” screen in WordPress
  3. In the WordPress admin dashboard you should see a new top level menu named “AudioIgniter”
  4. Navigate to the Add New Playlist menu item and add your tracks!


24 Mart 2024
I’m using the 100% FREE version of the plugin. It does everything I want it to which is to allow me to embed a custom playlist of local MP3 along with basic metadata and album covers. What it doesn’t do is provide attractive, customizable styling – the free version is a little 1990’s looking. And the free version provides no widget but there are shortcodes for embedding playlists into pages. And there’s no built-in analytics for plays/completions/etc. Also, the volume controls have some minor accessibility failures as flagged by Google Lighthouse and Axe DevTools. I would consider upgrading to Pro to gain more styling customization but it’s an annual license as opposed to one-time fee. The only viable competitor in the FREE category is Sonaar which is more modern/polished looking but it has its own issues/challenges without unlocking its Pro version which is slightly more expensive.
27 Aralık 2023
I really like this plugin, as if it was made for me. Thank you very much.
31 Ağustos 2023 3 yanıt
great and easy to use
58 incelemeyi oku

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Değişiklik Kaydı


  • Added AudioIgniter top level menu.
  • Fixed an issue where downloaded tracks would get the full URL as a filename, when the “Use the track URL as the download URL” was checked.
  • Fixed an issue with the “Remember last position” the moment a track starts playing.
  • Fixed an issue where the duration as a countdown would show weird format in some cases.
  • Added base support so that the Shuffle button can now be displayed without being enabled/on by default (Pro feature).
  • Added base support for AudioIgniter Analytics (Pro feature).


  • Fixed a JavaScript error in the admin when selecting an image without thumbnails.
  • Show the playlist shortcode metabox on the side.
  • Show the playlist shortcode on the admin playlists listing page.
  • Action ‘audioigniter_metabox_tracks_field_controls’ now passes $location and $post_id parameters.
  • Repeatable fields overhaul.
  • Underlying support for new Pro functionality (Use track as download url, player buttons, single track shortcode).


  • General performance updates.
  • Upgrade of base libraries.
  • Drop support for Internet Explorer.
  • Removed unneeded nonce.
  • The playlists’ shortcode meta box now has a ‘low’ priority so that it’s displayed last.


  • Top “Add Track” prepends a track, and bottom “Add Track” appends a track.


  • Provide minimized and optimized stylesheet.
  • Updated shortcode to support HTML classes via the class=”” parameter.


  • Added support for x3 playback rate.
  • Added base support for user controlled shuffle button, in playlists that shuffle mode is enabled (Pro feature).
  • Fixed a deprecation warning “Required parameter follows optional parameter” that would appear in PHP 8.
  • Fixed spinner positioning on simple track listing.
  • Introduced method AudioIgniter_Sanitizer::rgba_color()


  • Added a loading spinner while the track is buffering.
  • Developer note – Changed: Static property AudioIgniter::$version is now non-static and should be accessed as such.


  • Fixed SVG appearance in TwentyTwenty theme.


  • Fixed an issue where the download buttons would suggest an ugly filename consisting of the URL in a sanitized form.


  • Fixed an issue where reverse track order would not work correctly under some particular option configurations.


  • Change the layout of volume controls to be a bit more spacey.
  • Hidden volume controls in mobile devices (improves player appearance in mobile).


  • Minor performance improvements.


  • Added new filters: ‘aiStrings’, ‘audioigniter_get_playlist_data_attributes_array’.
  • Added new actions: ‘audioigniter_metabox_tracks_repeatable_track_fields_column_1’, ‘audioigniter_metabox_tracks_repeatable_track_fields_column_2’, ‘audioigniter_metabox_settings_group_player_track_listing_fields’, ‘audioigniter_metabox_settings_group_tracks_fields’, ‘audioigniter_metabox_settings_group_player_track_track_listing_repeat_fields’.
  • Upgraded React / ReactDOM and dependencies to latest versions.
  • Fixed issue with viewing buy/download buttons vs track repeat button.
  • Fixed some untranslatable strings.
  • Added base support for per-track Lyrics (requires Pro version).
  • Added base support for single track looping (requires Pro version).
  • Rearranged track listing settings layout.


  • Accessibility enhancements.


  • Developer enhancements.


  • Code changes to accommodate a new player type, Global Footer Player, available in AudioIgniter Pro.
  • Introduced AudioIgniter::is_playlist() for easier playlist ID validation.
  • Added some translators comments.


  • Added a new player type! From now on you can use a simpler playlist type if you don’t need the full fledged player.
  • Player type can now be selected via a simple dropdown.
  • Updated some settings’ labels to reflect the setting’s function more accurately.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the player from working in IE11 sometimes.
  • Fixed an issue where reversing a playlist would result in playing the incorrect tracks.
  • Dropped IE9 support.


  • Added support for initial volume setting.
  • Show the tracklist toggle button when the tracklist is hidden by default.
  • Added support for downloading tracks.
  • Fixed issue where tracklist wouldn’t display when there was only one track.


  • Updated CSSIgniter links to https
  • Added a button to enable repeating the playlist. Added admin option for the default state of the repeat button.
  • Fixed a bug where the playlist would not get shown if it contained only one track.
  • Added option to choose whether track links should open in a new window or not.


  • Stop looping over the tracklist when the player finishes playing the last track.
  • A couple of strings could not be translated.


  • Initial release.