Cookie Notice & Compliance for GDPR / CCPA


Cookie Notice provides a simple, customizable website banner that can be used to help your website comply with certain cookie consent requirements under the EU GDPR cookie law and CCPA regulations and includes seamless integration with Cookie Compliance to help your site comply with the latest updates to existing consent laws.

Cookie Compliance is a fully featured Consent Management Platform (CMP) that provides automated compliance features and enhanced design controls in a state-of-the-art web application. Cookie Compliance enables websites to take a proactive approach to data protection and consent laws. It is the first solution to offer Intentional Consent, a new consent framework that incorporates the latest guidelines from over 100+ countries, and emerging standards from leading international organizations like the IEEE and European Center for Digital Rights ( Cookie Compliance provides a beautiful, multi-level experience and includes new choices and controls for site visitors to better understand and engage in data privacy decisions.

Our Cookie Compliance web application introduces a more ethical, proactive way to capture and manage consent. This early version of the emerging Intentional Consent framework is a result of’s ongoing work with top Fortune 500 companies, governments, and standards organizations, who believe that the imbalanced relationship between consumers and corporations is unsustainable when it comes to data privacy and consent online. We are making it available for all website owners and operators who share this belief and support our mission to eliminate the dark patterns in online consent.
Matt Sinderbrand – Chief Platform Officer,

Cookie Notice (plugin only)

Cookie Notice provides a simple, customizable website banner to help your website comply with certain cookie consent requirements.

Banner features:

  • Customizable notice message
  • Consent on click, scroll or close
  • Birden fazla çerez son kullanma seçeneği
  • Gizlilik Politikası sayfasına bağlantı
  • WordPress Gizlilik Politikası sayfası ile senkronizasyon
  • WPML ve Polylang uyumlu
  • SEO dostu

Cookie Compliance (plugin + web application)

Cookie Compliance gives you access to the most up-to-date formatting guidelines and technical compliance requirements for over 100 countries and legal jurisdictions.

Banner features:

  • Intentional Consent provides 3 equal buttons to give site visitors the ability to accept none, some, or all cookies through packaged choices called Data Access Levels. Data Access Levels improve consent conversion and eliminate the dark pattern of deceptive, non-equal choices in the first layer. Complies with equal choice principle prescribed under GDPR and other data protection laws.
  • Consent duration selector gives visitor control over how long their consent remains valid for your site. Enables your site to align with recent guidelines from EU Data Protection Authorities, which state that cookie consent should be valid for no longer than a period of 6 months.
  • Cookie purpose categories make it easy for website visitors to customize their consent by category. Complies with affirmative, opt-in consent requirements prescribed under GDPR and other data protection laws.
  • Consent metrics displays the visitor’s consent record and a list of blocked / allowed 3rd parties directly in the expanded level of the banner. Complies with latest guidance from EU Data Protection Authorities like CNIL (France) and ICO (UK).
  • Customizable Privacy Paper provides helpful information to improve visitor comprehension and understanding of the data sharing risks and benefits. Allows you to summarize core components of your sites privacy notice and aligns with the informed principle prescribed by GDPR rules for valid consent capture.
  • Configurable Privacy Contact allows you to provide contact information for a business’ data privacy admin, as well as helpful links to data subject request forms and other data privacy resources. Aligns with the informed principle prescribed by GDPR rules for valid consent capture.

Web Application features:

  • Consent analytics dashboard shows event data for number of visits and provides a “trust score” to help you track how site visitors are setting their consent. Make adjustments to your banner to improve your cookie acceptance rate and monitor progress via the consent activity graph.
  • Default configurations for GDPR, CCPA and more help to remove dark patterns and allow for quick and easy deployment of the consent banner without any guesswork. Customize the design of any default configuration to match the look and feel of your site.
  • Automatic script blocking blocks all non-essential cookie scripts and iFrames by default and complies with valid consent rules under GDPR and other data protection laws; in order to be compliant, your site must record visitor consent before setting or sending cookies.
  • Google Consent Mode ensures that your website can still gather valuable insights and perform effectively while respecting users’ privacy preferences by dynamically adjusting the behavior of Google services according to user consent.
  • Facebook Consent Mode allows your website to measure the impact of your ads on Facebook, track website activities and conversions and automatically deliver ads to Facebook if the user has agreed to.
  • Consent record storage automatically stores a record of each consent and makes these records available for export. Complies with proof-of-consent requirements prescribed under GDPR and other data protection laws.
  • Multilingual support automatically translates all banner text strings and allows you to provide custom translations for every text field to ensure visitors get a consistent consent experience.
  • Multidomain management allows you to manage additional Free or Professional domains under a single account and enables you to customize banner configuration and design for each domain independently.

Cookie Compliance proactive approach:

For all businesses, the resources required to stay ahead of the latest regulations increases with the passage of each new law. With enforcement of compliance violations increasing daily, we believe it is critical for us as a trusted consent vendor to do everything in our power to help you stay ahead of these laws and remove the risk to your business

Cookie Compliance covers all current and upcoming regulations:

  • GDPR (EU)
  • ePrivacy Directive (EU)
  • ePrivacy Regulation (EU)
  • PECR (UK)
  • LGPD (Brazil)
  • PIPEDA (Canada)
  • PDPB (India)
  • CCPA (California, US)
  • VCDPA (Virginia, US)
  • Colorado Privacy Act (US)
  • CPRA (California, US)

Cookie Compliance incorporates all recent formatting guidance:

  • European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS)
  • ICO (United Kingdom)
  • CNIL (France)
  • GPDP (Italy)
  • BfDl (Germany)
  • AEPD (Spain)
  • European Center for Digital Rights (

Cookie Compliance targets dark patterns

Dark Patterns are user interface (UI) techniques that push site visitors to make decisions (such as agreeing to the installation of cookies on their devices) that they might not otherwise make. The most common Dark Pattern is the lack of an equal “reject all” button on the first layer of the consent notice. Dark Patterns are explicitly banned under GDPR and other data protection laws.

As a part of our proactive approach, Cookie Compliance is configured by default to prevent Dark Patterns through our unique Intentional Consent design.

Ekran Görüntüleri

  • Cookie Notice settings, Compliance itegration inactive
  • Cookie Notice settings, Compliance itegration active
  • Cookie Compliance dashboard overview
  • Cookie Compliance settings


  1. Cookie Notice eklentisini ya eklenti dizini aracılığıyla ya da dosyaları sunucunuza yükleyerek yükleyin.
  2. WordPress’teki ‘Eklentiler’ menüsünden eklentiyi etkinleştirin.
  3. Çerez Bildirimi ayarlarına gidin ve seçeneklerinizi ayarlayın.
  4. Click “Add Compliance features” button to start Cookie Compliance integration.
  5. Create Cookie Compliance account and select plan.
  6. Log in to Cookie Compliance web application anytime to customize the settings.


Is Cookie Notice free?

Yes! Cookie Notice is a free software.

Is Cookie Compliance free?

Yes, but with limits. Cookie Compliance includes both free and paid plans to choose from depending on your needs and your website traffic.

Does the Cookie Notice make my site fully compliant with GDPR or US Privacy Laws?

No. The plugin-only version DOES NOT include technical compliance features such as automatic script blocking, consent purpose categories, or consent record storage. These features are only available through the Cookie Compliance integration.

Does the Cookie Compiance integration make my site fully compliant with GDPR and US Privacy Laws?

Yes! The plugin + web appliaction version includes technical compliance features to meet requirements for over 100 countries and legal jurisdictions.


18 Nisan 2024
From other reviews I see on here, I can only assume this plugin was once legitimate and useful. I’m not sure what happened or why, but that is clearly not the case anymore. Upon installing and activating this “free” plugin, you will be bludgeoned to near death with dashboard spam pushing you to buy into their Compliance “application.” The plugin basically turns your dashboard into an obnoxious ad for their “application.” Because of all this obnoxious promotional nonsense, this simple “free” plugin is loaded with a crap ton of useless bloat. So be wary of its former popularity and overall average review score: this hot mess is now just a waste of your time.
18 Mart 2024
<!– wp:paragraph –> <p class=””>Uses a banner with scare messaging on the WP dashboard to try to push users into using the Complianz advanced settings, which then breaks Contact Form 7 with reCaptcha v3 integration as well as Google Fonts.</p> <!– /wp:paragraph –> <!– wp:paragraph –> <p class=””>I only give this a second star because the simple Cookie Notice banner still work on its own… however, according to the plug-in authors this is no longer good enough, so what’s the point?!</p> <!– /wp:paragraph –>
24 Mart 2024
<!– wp:paragraph –> <p class=””>I had the free version running to my satisfaction, untill the recent update.</p> <!– /wp:paragraph –> <!– wp:paragraph –> <p class=””>It has become a scam to force one into the overpriced substription version.</p> <!– /wp:paragraph –> <!– wp:paragraph –> <p class=””>BTW. Subscription models have become a plague in IT.</p> <!– /wp:paragraph –> <!– wp:paragraph –> <p class=””>I have a site that barely has 10 real humans visiting, but still I was asked to upgrade as I passed the 1000 visits a month limit for the free version.</p> <!– /wp:paragraph –> <!– wp:paragraph –> <p class=””>Granted I have 3000+ so called humans visiting my site a week, but 99.9% are hack attempts or bots not recognized as such.</p> <!– /wp:paragraph –> <!– wp:paragraph –> <p class=””>Change to real consents, please!</p> <!– /wp:paragraph –>
28 Kasım 2023 1 yanıt
Awful plugin, stupid errors logging into Cookie Compliance and button to ‘Add Compliance Features’ has NEVER worked in over 3 years. Don’t bother with this pile of rubbish!
2.966 incelemeyi oku

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Değişiklik Kaydı


  • New: Option to enable/disable bot detection
  • Fix: Typo in wp_die() function calls
  • Tweak: Improved escaping text strings


  • New: Passing Google Consent default parameters (Cookie Compliance only)
  • Fix: Invalid Norwegian language locale code


  • New: Google Consent V2 support (Cookie Compliance only)
  • New: Added scripts option to Compliance Settings


  • Fix: Removed unneeded parameter from WP Fastest Cache compatibility fix


  • New: WP Optimize caching plugin compatibility
  • Fix: WP Fastest Cache plugin compatibility


  • New: Dedicated Consent Logs page
  • New: Google AMP support for Cookie Compliance
  • New: Settings navigation through tabs and menu items
  • Fix: Saving App ID/Key not working in edge cases
  • Tweak: Chart.js updated to 4.4.0


  • New: Option to enable/disable caching compatibility
  • New: WP Fastest Cache plugin compatibility
  • Fix: Potential security issue with purging cache
  • Fix: Improved refreshing Compliance analytics data
  • Tweak: Chart.js updated to 4.3.2


  • New: WP Rocket plugin compatibility
  • New: LiteSpeed Cache plugin compatibility
  • New: Google Consent Mode support (Cookie Compliance only)
  • New: Facebook Pixel Consent Mode support (Cookie Compliance only)


  • New: Added Pages to Conditional display
  • Fix: Homepage display issue
  • Fix: Background color issue
  • Tweak: Improved WP Rocket support
  • Tweak: Improved SG Optimizer support


  • New: Conditional display of the banner
  • Tweak: Improved sanitization and validation of data
  • Tweak: PHP 8.1 and 8.2 compatibility
  • Tweak: Added async attribute when autoblocking is disabled


  • Fix: Cookie Compliance inactive status issue


  • Tweak: Remove the notice from the Elementor page builder
  • Tweak: Remove the notice from widgets screen
  • Fix: Improved Contact Form 7 reCaptcha compatibility


  • Fix: Undefined index: status and subscription


  • Fix: Deprecated preg_replace() notice in PHP 8.1


  • New: Compatibility with Autoptimize plugin
  • Fix: Improved Contact Form 7 reCaptcha support
  • Fix: Fixed non-static method cookies_set()


  • New: Contact Form 7 reCaptcha support
  • Tweak: Switched health status from critical to recommended when Cookie Compliance is not integrated
  • Tweak: Add SimeSite=Lax for created cookies


  • New: Advanced Multisite support
  • Fix: Polylang translation not working for shortcode
  • Fix: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[‘


  • New: Option to run consent banner in debug mode
  • Fix: Invalid validation of dismissable notices


  • New: Compliance Multi-license pricing options
  • Tweak: WordPress 6.0 compatibility


  • Fix: Undefined notice in WP dashboard
  • Fix: Close icon event not firing
  • Tweak: Remove aria-label from the close icon
  • Tweak: CSS tweaks in the admin


  • Fix: Uncrawlable close notice link
  • Tweak: WordPress 5.9 compatibility
  • Tweak: Prevent displaying the notice in an iframe
  • Tweak: Send site language to a web app on signup


  • Fix: Missing variable definition in frontend


  • New: Option to hide banner for logged in users (Compliance only)


  • Tweak: Additional sanitization applied


  • Fix: WordPress 5.8 widgets compatibility


  • Fix: HTML attributes removed from text strings
  • Tweak: Improved sanitization of options


  • Tweak: Improved escaping of button labels


  • Fix: Security bug related to compliance caching


  • New: Introducing Cookie Compliance Free plan


  • Fix: Undefined constant HOURS_IN_SECONDS
  • Fix: Button style none adding CSS classes “cn-set-cookie cn-button”
  • Tweak: Switched the behavior of close icon from accept to reject
  • Tweak: Minified frontend and admin js files


  • Fix: Cookies accepted function issue when Compliance activated


  • Tweak: UI/UX improvements


  • Fix: Pending Compliance update blocking the notice
  • Fix: PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information
  • Tweak: UI/UX fixes for the settings screen


  • New: Introducing Cookie Compliance for GDPR/CCPA


  • İnce Ayar: JS dosyasını async parametresiyle altbilgiye taşıyarak Korona Banner yüklemesinin hızlandırılması
  • İnce Ayar: Düğmelerin CSS dolgusunun geliştirilmesi
  • İnce Ayar: Bağlantılarda erişilebilirlik geliştirmeleri


  • Düzeltme: Gizlilik politikası bağlantısının seçilememesi
  • Düzeltme: İletideki Boş Çerezler ilke bağlantısı
  • Düzeltme: Tanımsız index: on_click
  • İnce Ayar: Varsayılan opaklık 100’e ayarlandı


  • Yeni: Koronavirüs pandemi ve WHO (Dünya Sağlık Örgütü) tarafından önerilen beş adım hakkında veri gösteren Korona Banner’ın tanıtımı
  • Yeni: Çubuk opaklığını ayarlama seçeneği
  • Yeni: Kapat simgesiyle bildirimin kabul edilmesi
  • Düzeltme: İlke seçeneği etkinleştirilmeden iletiye ilke bağlantısının eklenmesi


  • Düzeltme: iOS ve OK/Reddet düğmesiyle ilgili sorunlar
  • İnce Ayar: Reddet için ayrı çerez sona erme eklendi, Carlos Buchart sayesinde


  • Düzeltme: body css sınıfı her zaman “çerezler reddedildi” olarak ayarlanması
  • İnce Ayar: IE & Safari CustomEvent ve ClassList desteğinin geliştirilmesi
  • İnce Ayar: Eklenti js init olayının değiştirilmesi


  • Yeni: Herhangi bir sayfa tıklamasıyla bildirimi kabul etme seçeneği
  • İnce Ayar: jQuery bağımlılığının kaldırılması
  • İnce Ayar: jQuery’den CSS3 animasyonlarına geçiş
  • İnce Ayar: CSS ve HTML yapısını iyileştirilmesi


  • Düzeltme: Çerez mesajından çıkarılan HTML etiketleri
  • Düzeltme: Satır içi gizlilik bağlantısında bağlantı hedefinin kabul edilmemesi


  • Yeni: Gizlilik politikası bağlantı konumunu seçme seçeneği
  • İnce Ayar: Reddet düğmesine tıklandığında sayfanın yeniden yüklenmemesi
  • İnce Ayar: Çerez bildirim kapsayıcısına aria-label özelliği eklendi


  • İnce Ayar: Etkisizleştirildiğinde WP Super Cache çerezini kaldırın
  • İnce Ayar: Devre dışı bırakıldığında db eklenti sürümünü kaldırın


  • İnce Ayar: Geliştirilmiş WP Super Cache desteği
  • İnce Ayar: CSS konteyner stil sorunu ve mobil için ortam sorgusu


  • Düzeltme: Kısa kodda iptal düğmesi metni yok sayıldı
  • Düzeltme: Otomatik olarak üst konumda görüntülenmeyen izin butonunu iptal et
  • İnce Ayar: dsturm sayesinde [cookies_accepted] içeriği için kısa kod ekleyin.


  • Yeni: Kullanıcı onayı iptal etme seçeneği
  • Yeni: Üstkısıma ve altkısıma genişletilmiş betik dosyası engelleme
  • Yeni: WordPress 4.9.6 Gizlilik İlkesi sayfası ile senkronizasyon
  • Yeni: Özel düğme sınıfı seçeneği
  • İnce Ayar: 1 saat çerez son kullanma seçeneği eklendi


  • Yeni: [cookies_accepted] [/ cookies_accepted] kısa kodu
  • Düzeltme: Sonsuz çerez son kullanma sorunu


  • Düzeltildi: Kaydırma etkinken sonsuz yönlendirme döngüsü


  • Düzeltme: Bazı temalarda Div merkez hizalama
  • İnce Ayar: Reddedilen kodda izin verilen HTML etiketlerinin genişletilmiş listesi
  • İnce Ayar: Küçültülmüş CSS ve JS


  • Yeni: Çerezler kabul edildikten sonra sayfayı yeniden yükleme seçeneği


  • İnce Ayar: fgreinus sayesinde belgenin hazır çağrısından önce frontend çerez js işlevlerini taşıma
  • Tweak: Adjust functional javascript code handling
  • Düzeltme: Chhromium sonsuz son kullanma tarihi geçerli değil
  • Düzeltme: Kullanımdan kaldırılmış screen_icon() işlevi kaldırıldı


  • İnce Ayar: role=”banner” aria landmark rolü ekle
  • İnce Ayar: Düğme sınıfıyla cn_cookie_notice_args dosyasını genişletin

  • Düzeltme: 1.2.36 ile depo yükleme sorunu


  • Fix: String translation support for WMPL 3.2+
  • Düzeltme: Diğer eklentilerle olası küresel uyuşmazlık
  • İnce Ayar: chesio sayesinde “cn_cookie_notice_output” filtresine $options dizilimi eklendi.
  • İnce Ayar: WP deposu çevirileri adına yerel çeviri dosyaları kaldırıldı.


  • İnce Ayar: İşlevsiz kod bloğunda html_entity_decode kullanımı
  • İnce Ayar: get_pages() işlev yerleştirme optimizasyonu
  • İnce Ayar: Filtrelenebilir çerez tanımlama özelliğini yönetme


  • Düzeltme: Bağlantılarda HTML doğrulama sorununda boş href


  • Yeni: Elias Stefanidis tarafından Yunanca çeviri


  • Düzeltme: Çerez mesajı taşıyıcı yerine kabul edildiğinde gizlenen çerez düğmesini kabul etme


  • Yeni: İşlevsel olmayan Javascript kod alanı
  • Düzeltme: Minified Javascript önbellekleme sorunu


  • Düzeltme: Çerezleri kabul ettikten sonra jQuery hatası


  • İnce Ayar: Görüntülendiği zaman gövde elemanına sınıf ekleme
  • İnce Ayar: İtalyanca çeviri güncellemesi


  • Yeni: Kaydırma ofseti üzerine ayarlama seçeneği


  • İnce Ayar: Kaydırma olayını doğru şekilde kaldırma, olası çakışmaları sınırlama
  • İnce Ayar: İtalyanca çeviri güncellemesi


  • Düzeltme: Kaydırma seçeneğinde çerezleri kabul et seçeneğini işaretleme
  • Düzeltme: WP’nin daha düşük sürümündeki call_user_func() uyarısı



  • Yeni: Çerezleri kabul etmeyi reddetme seçeneği
  • Yeni: setCookieNotice özel jQuery olayı
  • İnce Ayar: Luca Speranza tarafından İtalyanca çeviri güncellemesi



  • İnce Ayar: Ove Kaufeldt tarafından İsveççe çeviri güncellemesi



  • Yeni: Betik dizisini, üstbilgi veya altbilgiyi seçmek için seçenek


  • Yeni: Lui Wallentin Gottler tarafından Danca çeviri

  • Fix: Quick fix for 1.2.18 print_r in code


  • New: More info link target option
  • Tweak: Additional HTML ids, for more flexible customization



  • Tweak: Dutch translation missing due to a typo


  • New: Danish translation, thanks to Hans C. Jorgensen
  • Fix: Notice bar not visible if no animation selected


  • New: Hungarian translation, thanks to Surbma



  • New: Slovenian translation, thanks to Thomas Cuk



  • New: Italian translation, thanks to Luca
  • Tweak: Confirmed WP 4.0 compatibility

  • Tweak: Enable HTML in cookie message text
  • New: Option to donate this plugin 🙂



  • New: French translation, thanks to Laura Orsal
  • New: Deleting plugin settings on deactivation as an option


  • New: German translation, thanks to Alex Ernst


  • New: Spanish translation, thanks to Fernando Blasco


  • New: Added filter hooks to customize where and how display the cookie notice


  • New: Portuguese translation, thanks to Luis Maia


  • Fix: Read more linking to default site language in WPML & Polylang


  • Tweak: UI improvements for WP 3.8


  • Fix: Cookie not saving in IE
  • Fix: Notice hidden under Admin bar bug
  • Tweak: Improved WPML & Polylang compatibility


  • New: Rewritten cookie setting method to pure JS
  • Fix: Compatibility with WP Super Cache and other caching plugins


  • New: Dutch translation, thanks to Heleen van den Bos


  • Tweak: Changed setting cookie mode from AJAX to JS driven


Initial release