Copy Anything to Clipboard


Copy Anything to Clipboard is the #1 WordPress plugin with 60,000+ downloads ­čÜÇ

You can use plugin to copy anything including:

  • Copy Blockquote
  • Copy Wishes
  • Copy Messages
  • Copy Shayari
  • Copy Offer Codes
  • Copy Special Symbols
  • Copy Code Snippets
  • Copy Hidden Content
  • and much more ­čą│

You can add a copy button anywhere on your website which simply copy the content into the clipboard (­čôő)

You can use the plugin with two ways:

Way 1 ÔÇô Copy with Shortcode

Use the shortcode [copy] shortcode


The zoom meeting is scheduled on data [copy]15 November 2022[/copy] please note down it.


In the above paragraph, On click on date 15 November 2022 it will copy to the clipboard.

Another example,

Hello Students,

Please save the next meeting link [copy content=""]Click to Copy Link[/copy] for next meeting.

In this example, When someone click on Click to Copy Link then the meeting URL will copy to clipboard.

Above are some common use cases.

You can use it as you want.

Read more about all shortcode options

Way 2 ÔÇô Copy with CSS Target

This is the most useful way and is mostly used by a lot of users with this plugin

Use Case 1: How to add the copy button to Blockquote

  • Step 1 ÔÇô Go to ÔÇťCopy to ClipboardÔÇŁ
  • Step 2 ÔÇô Click on the ÔÇťAdd NewÔÇŁ button

See the below screenshot for reference:

YouÔÇÖll see the screen something as below:

Now, Just do:

  • Step 3 ÔÇô Add the selector as a blockquote
  • Step 3 ÔÇô Click on ÔÇťCreateÔÇŁ


ThatÔÇÖs it. You donÔÇÖt need to do anything. If you visit the blockquote youÔÇÖll see something as below:

Read more about Copy Anything to Clipboard

­čĄę FREE and Popular Copy to Clipboard Plugin Ever

Over 10,000 thousands plus active people are empowering their websites with ÔÇťCopy Anything to ClipboardÔÇŁ ÔÇô 100% compatible for all themes and plugins.

Reasons why people love the Copy Anything to Clipboard

  • Zero configuration
  • Easy to use
  • Copy with shortcode
  • Customization options
  • Quick support

Welcome for featured requests

If you have any suggestion or any featured request then donÔÇÖt hesitate to contact me.

Bug reports

Bug reports for ÔÇťCopy Anything to ClipboardÔÇŁ are welcomed in WordPress support forum.

Further reading

For more info check out the following:

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  1. Install the Copy Anything to Clipboard plugin either via the WordPress plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server at wp-content/plugins.


9 A─čustos 2022
Mahesh is very professional. The plugin is awesome and works just as expected. Keep up the good work!
18 Haziran 2022
It's best of its kind, very flexible and easy to use. The only con is that it loads on every single page, not just when needed. As a result, you have to use one more plugin to prevent that if you want to a well optimized site.
22 Haziran 2021
The usability wasn't really thought through. Difficult to figure out how it works.
19 incelemeyi oku

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De─či┼čiklik Kayd─▒


  • Improvement: Added the sub-menus page links into the post type screen.
  • Improvement: Removed the sub-menus Dashboard, Contact Us, Upgrade, and Support Forum.


  • New: Integrated the Freemius library for automatic updates, upgrade and for quick support.
  • Improvement: Add new dashboard admin page for Copy Anything to Clipboard.
  • Improvement: Deprecated the Shortcode admin page which is no longer used.


  • Improvement: UI improvements in the shortcode information admin page.
  • Improvement: Added the title tag support for the shortcode. So, Whenever the user hovers on shortcode text then it’ll see the title.
  • Improvement: Avoid the remove spaces support by setting false values to the parameter remove_spaces. Use filter from code snippet


  • Improvement: Keep the welcome message only for first time user activate.


  • Improvement: Added a welcome message to the user for smooth plugin onboarding.


  • Improvement: Improve the code with PHPCS fixes.


  • Improvement: Keep the tab spaces while copy to clipboard. Thanks @marius84
  • Improvement: Users can now share non-personal usage data to help us test and develop better products.


  • New: Added support to redirect user after copy to clipboard. Thanks @zecke Read more


  • Improvement: Getting multiple white spaces in Gutenberg editor.
  • Fix: The add new link was wrong which navigate to invalid page.


  • Improvement: Move the parent menus as submenu in settings menu.


  • New – Added shortcode [copy] to copy the content. E.g. [copy]12345[/copy]. Read more at


  • Improvement – Compatibility to WordPress 5.7.


  • New: Added filter copy_the_code_localize_vars to allow to copy the content as HTMl instead of text.


  • Tweak: Create a new post copy to clipboard post depends on the old user settings.
  • Deprecated: Removed the filter copy_the_code_enabled which is no more useful.
  • Deprecated: Removed the option Copy the content which is no more useful. Will add the support though filter if required.
  • New: Added custom post type support to add multiple copy to clipboard buttons with different selectors and styles.
  • New: Improve the UI with live preview.
  • New: Added the new SVG Icon button style to show the SVG icon instead of button.
  • New: Added inside and outside position support for the new style SVG Icon.
  • New: Added the new Cover style to copy the small element in which we could not add the copy button. Such as Emoji and Symbols.


  • New: Set the Copy Content As default option with text.
  • Improvements: Converted the <br> tags into the new line if the option “Copy Content As” selected as Text.
  • Improvements: Converted the <div> tags into the new line if the option “Copy Content As” selected as Text.
  • Improvements: Converted the <p> tags into the new line if the option “Copy Content As” selected as Text.
  • Improvements: Converted the <li> tags into the new line if the option “Copy Content As” selected as Text.
  • Improvements: Remove the white spaces and trim the content if the option “Copy Content As” selected as Text.
  • Fix: Copy the content as text works different on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.


  • Fix: The <br> tag converted into the next line. Select the Text from option Copy Content As. Reported by Konrad.
  • Fix: Single level selector copies the selector in the clipboard. Reported by Seb.


  • Fix: Nested selectors was not working due to mismatch the copy button position.


  • Fix: The <br> tags was not copied as new line. Reported by @psanger.


  • Improvement: Removed unwanted code.


  • Improvement: Updated Freemius SDK library with version 2.3.2.
  • Improvement: Added the latest new section.
  • Fix: The submit button is not visible form the settings page. Reported by Nicolas Tizio


  • New: Added General & Style tabs.


  • Improvement: Added WordPress 5.4 compatibility.


  • New: Added filter copy_the_code_default_page_settings to change the default page settings.
  • New: Added filter copy_the_code_page_settings to change the page settings.


  • New: Added option ‘Button Text’ to set the default button text. Default ‘Copy’.
  • New: Added option ‘Button Copy Text’ to set the button text after click on copy. Default ‘Copied!’.
  • New: Added option ‘Button Title’ to set the default button title which appear on hover on button. Default ‘Copy to Clipboard’.
  • New: Added option ‘Button Position’ to set the button position. Inside or outside the selector. Default ‘inside’.
  • Improvement: Added support for Internet Explorer devices. Reported by @rambo3000


  • Fix: Added support for IOS devices. Reported by @radiocure1


  • New: Added option ‘Copy Content As’ to copy the content as either HTML or Text.


  • Improvement: Updated the strings and compatibility for WordPress 5.0.


  • New: Added support, contact links.


  • New: Added settings page for customizing the plugin. Added option selector to set the JS selector. Default its <pre> html tag.


  • Fix: Removed Copy button markup from the copied content from the clipboard.


  • Initial release.