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Drip for Gravity Forms


Static, one-to-many broadcast email newsletter communication is dying, and marketing automation is the future of email marketing.

Does your current email solution allow you to easily send emails to your list based on any action they take inside your emails and on your website? Like

  • expressing interest in a topic
  • downloading a sample chapter of your book
  • starting a trial of your software, or
  • viewing your upgrade page

Does it view an email address as a single person, no matter which “campaign” or “list” they are subscribed to?

Does it give you the ability to craft your entire user journey in a gorgeous, visual flow?

Can you use automated lead scoring to pinpoint your hottest prospects and then automatically add them to your favorite CRM software?

Does it prune your list of inactive subscribers so you’re not paying more than you need?

If you want to use email to

  • inspire your target customers and earn their trust
  • transform skeptical users into successful customers
  • turn successful customers into raving fans who bring new business straight to your door

You should try Drip.

Drip is lightweight email marketing automation that doesn’t suck. It is the easiest way to build your email list and send personalized email campaigns to the right person at exactly the right time.

This plugin makes it dead simple to build your own custom forms with Gravity Forms, and send data to Drip whenever the form is submitted. Note: You’ll need to have your own copy of Gravity Forms (any license)

When a form is submitted, you can

  • Create or update subscribers
  • Create custom fields
  • Record new events with custom properties
  • Tag or untag subscribers
  • Subscribe or unsubscribe users to campaigns
  • Intelligently choose which Drip action to perform based on the information that’s submitted
  • And more…

The Drip Process

  1. Simply sign up for a Drip account
  2. Install this plugin to integrate your Gravity Forms with Drip’s email marketing software

More Information

Need Help?

Contact our friendly support staff for assistance.

Translations welcome!

Ekran Görüntüleri

  • Find your API Token in your Drip’s Settings > General Settings page
  • Enter your API token on the Gravity Forms Drip settings page
  • Add a Drip feed



  • Make sure you have your own copy of Gravity Forms. This plugin does not include Gravity Forms, but will work with any of the Gravity Forms licenses.

  • You’ll also need a Drip account


  1. Upload the plugin to your WordPress site. There are three ways to do this:

    WordPress dashboard search

    • In your WordPress dashboard, go to the Plugins menu and click the Add New button
    • Search for Gravity Forms Drip
    • Click to install the plugin that says Drip Email Campaigns + Gravity Forms by gravity+ for Drip

    WordPress dashboard upload

    • Download the plugin zip file by clicking the orange download button on this page
    • In your WordPress dashboard, go to the Plugins menu and click the Add New button
    • Click the Upload link
    • Click the Choose File button to upload the zip file you just downloaded

    FTP upload

    • Download the plugin zip file by clicking the orange download button on this page
    • Unzip the file you just downloaded
    • FTP in to your site
    • Upload the drip-gravity-forms folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Visit the Plugins menu in your WordPress dashboard, find Gravity Forms Drip Add-On in your plugin list, and click the Activate link

  3. Visit the Forms->Settings menu, select the Drip tab, and add your Drip API token. Save your settings.

What’s next?

Get the field guide where we’ll walk you through setting up your form, connecting it to Drip, and maximizing your integration to increase your conversions.


Do I need to have my own copy of Gravity Forms for this plugin to work?

Yes, you need to install the Gravity Forms plugin for this plugin to work.

Do I need to have a Drip account?

Yep. Sign up here for a free trial.

Who can I contact for help?

We’re always happy to help with setting it up – just contact us to get started!


12 Ocak 2017
This utility plugin was perfect for adding tags and custom fields to Drip subscribers using a specific form (and creating new subscribers when needed). Although I had to work through one misunderstanding, the instructions for adding the Gravity Forms logging add-on to troubleshoot helped pinpoint the issue pretty quickly. Thanks for a great plugin and nice work on the field guide!
3 Eylül 2016
This plugin is allows Gravity Forms to work seamlessly with Drip. It’s a great way to collect segmentation data from your subscribers.
3 Eylül 2016
This works great for me so far. It was such a relief to find this plugin! Thank you for taking the time to develop it. It is a very essential part of my workflow now. Love it! Thanks again!
3 Eylül 2016 1 yanıt
When posting a plug-in in WordPress.org you should always consider a free version or be very specific that it would be a complete waste of time for downloading the product, as there is no free version to try. You do not have prices and have information except as a one-liner at the button. But that still does not state that if you want to use this plug-in at all, you’re required to pay monthly. Not a good start.
6 incelemeyi oku

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Katkıda bulunanlar

Değişiklik Kaydı

2.1.2 (March 2020)

  • Fix bug that occurs when loading feeds containing more than 100 campaigns.

2.1.1 (November 2019)

  • Fix bug where custom fields with a blank identifier are sent.

2.1.0 (September 2016)

  • Add WP 4.6 compatibility

2.0.0 (April 2016)

  • Add Gravity Forms Add-On Framework, which brings standard UI & developer hooks
  • Add mapping any form field or metadata to any Drip custom field
  • Add new Drip actions: subscribe/unsubscribe
  • Add new Drip options: tagging, custom event properties, user ID, campaign email start, lead scoring
  • Add updated conditional logic options
  • Add PayPal integration so Drip action is only taken when payment is successful
  • Add new Drip WordPress API for developers
  • Add pot file for translators


  • Tweaked naming of posted variable to fix custom field naming conflict


  • Changed name of internal API wrapper class to avoid naming conflict with an external API wrapper


  • Added support for checkbox lists


  • Stop populating “occurred_at” in create event