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Security, performance, and site management: the best way to WordPress is with Jetpack.

24/7 Site Security

Jetpack is your site’s security detail, guarding you against brute-force attacks and unauthorized logins. Basic protection is always free, while premium plans add expanded backup and automated fixes. Jetpack’s full suite of site security tools include:

  • Brute-force attack protection, spam filtering, and downtime monitoring.
  • Backups of your entire site, either once daily or in real time.
  • Secure login, with optional two-factor authentication.
  • Malware scanning, code scanning, and automated threat resolution.
  • A record of every change on your site to simplify troubleshooting.
  • Fast, priority support from WordPress experts.

Peak Performance

Activate site accelerator tools and watch your page load times and hosting costs drop — we’ll optimize your images and serve them from our own powerful global network, and speed up your mobile site to reduce bandwidth usage (and save money!). Connect Jetpack to take advantage of:

  • Images and static files, like CSS and JavaScript, served from our servers, not yours.
  • Elasticsearch-powered related content and site search, for relevant results with no drain on your servers.
  • Lazy image loading for a faster mobile experience.
  • Unlimited and high-speed video via our content delivery network.

Effortless Site Management

Create and customize your WordPress site, optimize it for visitors and revenue, and enjoy watching your stats tick up. Built it, share it, and watch it grow with:

  • Advanced site stats and analytics for understanding your audience.
  • Hundreds of professional themes, for a pro site no matter what your niche.
  • Intuitive and powerful customization tools to match your website to your brand.
  • Simple PayPal payment buttons for selling products and services.
  • SEO tools for Google, Bing, Twitter, Facebook, and WordPress.com to maximize your reach.
  • An advertising program that includes the best of AdSense, Facebook Ads, AOL, Amazon, Google AdX, and Yahoo.
  • Integration with the official WordPress mobile apps, to manage your site from anywhere.

Uzman Desteği

Size yardım etmeye hazır eksiksiz bir uzman ekibimiz var. Sorularınızı destek forumunda sorun ya da doğrudan bizimle iletişime geçin.

Ücretli Hizmetler

Basit ve uygun ücretli paketlerimizi karşılaştırın ya da daha fazla bilgi edinmek için ürün turu yapın.


Kurulum ücretsiz, hızlı ve kolaydır. Jetpack’i sitemizden birkaç dakikada kurun.

Ekran Görüntüleri

  • Güvenlik: Deneme yanılma saldırıları, istenmeyen posta ve kötü amaçlı yazılımlara karşı koruma. İsteğe bağlı yedeklemeler ve geri yüklemeler.
  • Downtime Monitoring: Know right away if and when your site goes down.
  • Performans: Resimleriniz için ücretsiz yüksek hızlı içerik sağlama ağı.
  • Analytics: Concise site stats and traffic insights.
  • Themes: Hundreds of customizable, professional themes.
  • Uygulamalar: Ücretsiz WordPress uygulamalarıyla sitenizi herhangi bir cihazdan güncelleyin.
  • Revenue: Sell products and take payments with simple payment buttons.
  • Paylaşma: Otomatik sosyal medya paylaşımı için sitenizi sosyal ağlara bağlayın.


Otomatik Kurulum

Kurulum ücretsiz, hızlı ve kolaydır. Jetpack’i sitemizden birkaç dakikada kurun.

Manuel Alternatifler

Alternatif olarak Jetpack’i eklenti dizini ile kurun veya dosyaları kendiniz sunucunuza yükleyerek ekran talimatlarını takip edin. Eğer daha fazla yardıma ihtiyaç duyarsanız ayrıntılı talimatlarımızı okuyun.


Jetpack ücretsiz mi?

Evet! Jetpack’in temel özellikleri ücretsizdir ve öyle kalacaktır.

Şunları kapsar: site istatistikleri, görseller için yüksek hızda CDN, benzer yazılar, aksama süresinin izlenmesi, tam kapsamlı saldırı koruması, sosyal ağlarda otomatik paylaşım, kenar çubuğu özelleştirme ve çok daha fazlası.

Ücretli paket mi almalıyım?

Jetpack’in ücretli hizmetlerine; gerçek zamanlı yedeklemeler, güvenlik taraması, premium temalar, istenmeyen e-posta filtrelemesi, video barındırma, siteden gelir elde etme, SEO araçları, arama, öncelikli destek ve daha fazlası dahildir.

Sağladığımız temel güvenlik ve WordPress hizmetleri hakkında daha fazla bilgi edinmek için paket karşılaştırma sayfamızı ziyaret edin.

Neden bir WordPress.com hesabına ihtiyacım var?

Jetpack ve Jetpack hizmetleri, WordPress.com tarafından sağlandığından ve barındırıldığından, Jetpack’in çalışması için bir WordPress.com hesabı gerekmektedir.

WordPress hesabım var, ancak Jetpack çalışmıyor. Neler oluyor?

WordPress.com hesabı, sizin tarafınızdan barındırılan WordPress’te oturum açmak için kullandığınızdan farklıdır. WordPress.com’da oturum açabiliyorsanız, zaten bir WordPress.com hesabınız var demektir. Eğer oturum açamıyorsanız kurulum sırasında kolayca bir hesap oluşturabilirsiniz.

İstatistiklerimi nasıl görebilirim?

Jetpack’i kurduğunuzda, istatistikleriniz WordPress.com/Stats adresinde, resmi WordPress mobil uygulamalarında ve Jetpack panonuzda olacaktır.

Jetpack’e nasıl katkıda bulunabilirim?

Her seviyedeki geliştiricinin katkıda bulunabileceği fırsatlar mevcuttur. Jetpack’e katkıda bulunma konusunda daha fazlasını öğrenin ya da beta programımıza katılın.


For Worst Plugin Lost Everything

One of the worst plugin. It had issue. Connection error, site not found and many more. Tried all solution its shown on its support, failed. Did everything that it asked, failed. Tried to reconnect, failed. Deleted and reinstaled, failed. It said xmlrpc not working, asked to check, checked, working but not this plugin. So after all of that, the last solution was, delete the site, create again with fresh setup and then try, tried. Still same ***** error!!! error!!! error!!! error!!! error!!! error!!! error!!! error!!! See, too many error!!! Isn't Worst Plugin???

Problems outweigh the benefits

JetPack has continually locked me out of my own web site. I have tried to follow the recovery instructions but to no avail. The support has been very slow in coming. I finally figured out how to get into my web site and I have deleted this plugin. Hopefully that will eradicate the problem.

Useful, but can break things and tries to take over

Jetpack has lots of useful tools, some work well, some not so much. It is really a premium/fremium plugin trying to hook you in. The whole onboarding process is now trying to get you to pay. It really does break/bend so many wordpress.org rules and I think it shouldn't be listed on wordpress.org, but who's going to stop Automattic? The whole backups issue has prompted me to write this review. It's listed as a backup tool on .org, but that is a premium only tool in Jetpack. Not cool. Anyway, some of the tools are great, some not so much. Some cause conflicts, some cause slow downs (especially on the admin side).

Mega cool

This is super hot plugin with so much useful things inside! Happy to have this tool in my toolbox!
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Katkıda Bulunanlar ve Geliştiriciler

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“WordPress.com tarafından Jetpack” eklentisini dilinize çevirin.

Geliştirmeyle ilgilenir misiniz?

Kodu görüntüle, SVN deposuna göz at veya RSS ile geliştirme günlüğüne abone ol.

Değişiklik Kaydı


  • Release date: April 04, 2019
  • Release post: https://wp.me/p1moTy-h7o

  • Feature Hints: display suggestions only for features available under the site’s current plan.

  • Feature Hints: improve visual display to make more distinct from search results.
  • Feature Hints: disable hints once administrators have dismissed three hints.
  • Slideshow Block: resolve an issue that broke navigating between images.


  • Release date: April 02, 2019
  • Release post: https://wp.me/p1moTy-foe

Başlıca Geliştirmeler

  • Adds a Repeat Visitor block that controls block visibility based on how often a visitor has viewed the page.
  • New option to disable Ads blocks for visitors on mobile devices.


  • Admin Dashboard: improve text and design to make your administration experience all the better.
  • Jumpstart: streamline what features are suggested to be activated when setting up Jetpack for the first time.
  • Password Checker: adds a password checker class that will help Jetpack let you know if you’re using a weak password. More about this coming in a future release!
  • Plans: refactor how Jetpack Plans are coded within Jetpack to improve performance and help prevent any future bugs.
  • Post Images: provide the image itself when requesting an attachment’s post image.
  • REST API: Enable Likes and Sharing meta field for all post types.
  • Related Posts: improve HTML markup for related posts, with emphasis on accessibility.
  • Search: add an easy way to see the raw Jetpack Search query results in the search page’s source code.
  • Shortcodes: allow links in Quiz shortcode explanations.
  • Widgets: improve the text for the Blog Stats widget when stats data can not be retrieved from WordPress.com.

Improved compatibility

  • General: require WordPress 5.0! To celebrate, we cleaned out some compatibility code that supported older versions. We know how to party.
  • General: update various parts of Jetpack to fully align with WordPress coding standards to make developing Jetpack easier!
  • Connection: notify site owners when a plugin or theme is double-encoding URL redirects.
  • Shortcodes: update the Ustream shortcode to use the HTML5 player for a better experience on all browsers.
  • Shortcodes: add AMP support for Crowdsignal polls and shortcodes.
  • Sitemaps: add thumbnails to video sitemaps to improve compatibility with Google Search Console. Props Adam Heckler!
  • Sync: improve performance when using the VIP Legacy Redirect plugin.
  • Twenty Nineteen Compatibility: prevent sharing buttons overlapping with the Like button. Props Torres!
  • VideoPress: update right-to-left language CSS to remove extra styles only used on browsers no longer supported.
  • Widgets: improve rendering of Contact Info widget map when using the AMP plugin.

Hata düzeltmeleri

  • Admin Dashboard: fix an error that you’d see in the console when changing your Carousel settings.
  • Blocks: fix an issue where sometimes we would attempt to register a particular block twice. I’m looking at you, Related Posts.
  • Blocks: display all Business Hours details, even if they’re the default set.
  • Blocks: fix an error that occurred when loading some translations in the Block Editor.
  • Blocks: resolve a conflict between the Ads block and infinite scroll that would cause new posts to sometimes not load.
  • General: ensure the proper Jetpack plan is reflected throughout Jetpack and the administrative dashboard.
  • Plugin Search: display Akismet and VaultPress plugin cards when WordPress.org suggests them.
  • Publicize: remove unused assets, like images and JavaScript that aren’t needed anymore.
  • Related Posts: restore use of the jetpack_relatedposts_filter_options filter.
  • Security: Improvements to the Likes feature and the Slideshow block.
  • Sharing: update WhatsApp to be more consistent with the other sharing buttons.
  • Shortcodes: remove Lytro service, which closed in March.
  • Stats: properly handle an error from the REST API that sometimes caused issues with the Stats Dashboard.
  • Widgets: display all characters in an address from Contact Info correctly when sometimes we encoded those that we’d expect in an URL.
  • Widgets: improve the performance of the Contact Info widget by eliminating unused JavaScript.

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