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Future-proof your web design with the modern page builder that blends simplicity and power

MaxiBlocks is a no-code visual page builder and block library that can create responsive, fast-loading webpages using an integrated design library.

Choose from 2000+ block patterns, 150+ page templates, and 13.5k SVG icons to kickstart page building and bring your creative vision to life.

New: Bring your own OpenAI API key to create or revise content inside of any Text Maxi block.

New: Navigation menus! Enhance your site’s navigation with MaxiBlocks in the Site Editor, now fully integrated with global style cards.

  • Customize menu items with advanced typography, colour, and padding options.
  • Update navigation for mobile burger menu with extended breakpoints: 4K XXL, 1920 XL, 1366 L, 1024 M, 767 S, & 480 XS.
  • Revamp mobile menu aesthetics, including colour and style changes, with future updates to include 20 “hamburger” icons.
  • Improved navigation experience with support for A-current, A-visited, and hover colour schemes.

Top 12 Features of MaxiBlocks

No locked blocks 📖

We refuse to hold basic features hostage just to sell the “full-version.” Everyone gets access to all page builder features, custom blocks and settings completely free. There’s no lock-in by design.

Goodbye license keys 👋

We’re on a mission to make licence keys and domain restrictions go extinct, just like dinosaurs (except without the cool bones). With MaxiBlocks you get unlimited domains and unlimited downloads.

Packed with free goodies 🆓

Get started with 13.5k icons, 100 style cards and 7 free page templates. You don’t even need an account. Just install the plugin and start building.

Free page templates (7)
– Education (3)
– Entertainment (3)
– Food & drink (2)
– Nonprofit (1)

Maxi’s free custom blocks 💎

Accordion Maxi: Manages content within expandable and collapsible panels. It optimizes space, especially beneficial for mobile designs, by dynamically showing/hiding content, ideal for FAQs or nested information.

Button Maxi: Insert, modify or style buttons. Set icons, padding & margins and more.

Container Maxi: Encapsulates other blocks within a designated container. Get consistent spacing and alignment no matter the screen size.

Divider Maxi: Produces a visual separator between elements. Helps in defining distinct sections or breaking up content, enhancing the visual flow of a page.

Group Maxi: Binds a set of blocks together to form patterns. Promotes design consistency by letting designers create and replicate design patterns across pages.

Icon Maxi: Insert and style SVG icons or shapes. Edit line type, width, fill and background colours with the toolbar. Use icons as hovers, masks, backgrounds or interactions.

Image Maxi: This blocks lets you insert, modify, or style images. Create image hovers, layers and masks to for engaging visuals.

Map Maxi: Add responsive maps with markers and descriptions.

Number Counter Maxi: Create dynamic number counters. Visually represent statistics or milestones for interactive elements to showcase achievements or data.

Search Maxi: Integrates a search bar with an icon. It enhances user navigation, allowing quick and efficient content discovery across the website.

Slider Maxi: Aligns one or more blocks horizontally. Offers dynamic display options, useful for showcasing multiple items like testimonials or images without overwhelming space.

Template Library Maxi: Provides access to pre-designed templates or patterns. It streamlines design by offering pre-made layouts, speeding up page creation and ensuring consistent aesthetics.

Text Maxi: Allows the insertion, modification, or styling of text. It’s foundational for conveying messages, ensuring content is both readable and aesthetically pleasing.

Video Maxi: Facilitates the addition of videos with controls or lightbox. Enhances user engagement by easily incorporating multimedia, enriching the visual experience.

MaxiBlocks Theme

The free full site editing theme is out soon.

Get everything you need to build amazing websites with menus, headers, footers, blogs, archives like tag, category, author and much more.

Follow progress and get sneak peek of the beautiful designs (scroll down to see the designs).

What users say

People simply can’t fit all their love for Maxi into one sentence.

Read what 47 creators think of Maxi

Go next-level with pro templates 🆙

If you’re loving MaxiBlocks and want to support us, consider joining the Pro library. Find inspiration, get more variety and work faster with 1547 production-ready Pro templates.

The MaxiBlocks pro template library is designed to travel with you across projects, giving you the flexibility to build anywhere the MaxiBlocks plugin is installed. And when you’re done, sign out and pass on the reins without a hitch.

Our business model

The MaxiBlocks builder, plugin, custom blocks and upcoming MaxiBlocks theme, is entirely free – our revenue comes from selling Pro templates that save you time.

Build your site with our tools, log out, and your clients gain full capabilities to update and customize with the Pro items you’ve used. Both the site creator and the new owner have equal access to functionalities; the only difference between the free and Pro versions is the quantity of available templates.

It’s like having a dedicated professional designer crafting unique designs exclusively for you.

Our experienced team has created thousands of responsive designs using Maxi, so we know what works. Tap into a huge designer-made asset library that can literally double your output.

Copy, remix, and learn as you go – it’s all possible with MaxiBlocks.

I love your philosophy of keeping the plugin and all its features free, rather than hiding some features behind a paywall as most companies do. And then earning your income from professionally designed page and block templates that people may want to buy to speed up their website creation, especially people or companies that have to build many websites. It is a win-win! — Ani, Early supporter

Advanced template library ⚗️

Efficiency: Meet your new secret weapon—a template library that saves time and fuels creativity.

Device compatibility: Six responsive breakpoints optimize your webpages for all devices, from large 4K displays to tablets and mobile devices.

User flexibility: Whether you’re a newbie or a pro coder, the drag-and-drop features and advanced styling options allow you to design freely.

Dynamic interactions: Access animation features like hover effects and scroll animations to enhance user engagement.

Design customization: Choose from diverse colour schemes and font pairings for a distinct look, and use SEO tools to enhance online visibility.

Image tools 📸

Advanced interactions: Craft engaging web elements with hover effects, background layers, and image masks.

Expansive element library: No need to search the internet endlessly. MaxiBlocks offers over 13,400 customizable icons & design elements.

Style cards: Instantly re-style websites or templates using one of the 100 style cards, available in both light and dark tone variations.

User-friendly tools: Enhance your workflow with tools like undo/redo, version history, and extensive free WordPress integrations.

Ah, and the style cards functionality is genius. So much more advanced than any other WP theme that supports palettes. The product looks great. The icons are fantastic, and for me personally, the style cards will be very helpful. — Ivan Arnaudov, Freelancer

Style Cards 🎴

Website transformation: Use style cards to quickly re-style any part of your website or specific templates.

Full-site editing: MaxiBlocks provides tools that allow you to incorporate standard navigation blocks, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Diverse content options: Create various webpages, from landing pages and microsites to industry-specific templates.

Resources & support: Benefit from a mountain of resources, video tutorials, and a dedicated support team always ready to assist.

I like the settings and the power it offers me. You did a great job with the “one-click design change” that you offer with style cards while offering the power to change everything with the settings. — A. Ku, Online marketeer

Integrated AI Tools 🤖

GPT-4 integration: Deploy your own GPT-4 API key to modify template content for both prototyping and final designs.

Prompt Maxi: With the OpenAI API Key activated, all text elements in MaxiBlocks can utilize GPT-4 and ChatGPT for content creation.

Content templates: Describe your website’s purpose in MaxiBlocks settings, and ChatGPT will automatically generate related content where you need it.

Website identity: Answer questions to establish site-wide settings that improve content generation by the AI.

Prompt Maxi copywriting controls ✍️

Adjustable settings for the content creation text block.

Generate Tab:

Content Type: Specify the content’s category.
Tone: Set the tone of voice.
Writing Style: Choose a style.
Language: Select the content’s language.
Temperature: Set between precision, neutrality, and creativity.
Contextual Inputs: Provide an initial prompt or leave it blank.

Results Tab: Export, import, clean, replace, generate, and modify.

Modify Tab: Rephrase, shorten, lengthen, fix spelling and grammar, translate and custom.

I’m a first-year IT student and my university recently began a 6-month WordPress course. In this course, I’ve learnt about WordPress themes and plugins like MaxiBlocks, [redacted], [redacted], [redacted] and more. In the next few months, we need to create a website for a library as practice. We can pick any website builder we want to use for this project. I’ve checked out a bunch of WordPress builders and seen many how-to videos.

_I think MaxiBlocks tops them all. It’s super fast and adaptable. I tried MaxiBlocks for a week and I can say it’s better than other builders. …

Ekran Görüntüleri

  • Learn to change style cards: Find out how to switch style cards to improve the appearance of your website with our helpful guide.
  • Explore the template library: Discover a variety of block patterns and pages in our extensive library, designed to help you build your website more efficiently.
  • Customize button styles with presets: Quickly adjust your button styles using our selection of presets, making it easier to achieve the look you want on your website.
  • Create background layers for images: Follow our guide to layer images, enhancing the visual interest of your website with this design technique.
  • Improve efficiency with custom block toolbars: Work more effectively using our convenient block toolbars, designed to streamline your website design process.
  • Access the 100 style card library: Choose from a wide range of style cards in our library, featuring global styles to suit various design requirements.
  • Browse the SVG shape library: View our comprehensive collection of SVG shapes, offering versatile design elements to enhance your website's aesthetics.
  • Discover the SVG icons library: Search through our extensive SVG icons library, providing a broad selection of icons to give your website a polished appearance.
  • Customize your style cards: Use our guide to personalize your style cards, giving your website a unique touch.
  • Use the transform function for shape mask layers: Learn to manipulate design elements effectively with our guide on using the transform function for shape mask layers.
  • Set automatic image size ratios: See how to set automatic image size ratios to maintain consistent visuals throughout your entire website.
  • Load an icon from the editing experience: Simplify your design process with our easy-to-follow method for loading icons directly from your editing experience.


Install the MaxiBlocks plugin from the WordPress plugin directory in your WordPress admin dashboard.

  1. Search for “Maxi Blocks” or “MaxiBlocks”
  2. Then click “Install Now”
  3. Click “Activate” plugin

To use free templates, first edit, or create a new page in WordPress

  • From the page editing view, click the MaxiBlocks icon to open the master toolbar, top left side.

  • Launch the template library and browse for patterns. Insert and start editing.

  • Play around with some patterns to see how Maxi works and how we use blocks to create patterns.

  • Also choose a style card to instantly update your templates to your chosen style.

  • Use the (?) icon to open the help docs for more info and tutorials.

  • Visit our help desk for more.

Helpful links:

YouTube | Pro library | Demo library | | X-Twitter | Discord community | Roadmap


31 Ekim 2023 1 yanıt
WooW! I'm really impressed with the capabilities of this plugin…I know this category of plugins very well - I have probably tested all Gutenberg add-ons available on the market and I must admit that MaxiBlocks is really top shelf and top league!Just install the plugin to see the amazing possibilities of website personalization this plugin offers.Additionally, it is worth mentioning that the free version and the Pro version differ in the number of available templates and not in the number of functions - this is incredible! Big congratulations to the developer for his amazing work!This is truly a top plugin!
3 Ağustos 2023 1 yanıt
I'm impressed by how much does this plugin offer. Advanced features and such a creative library. This is the page builder I'll be using from now!
2 Mayıs 2023 4 yanıt
There are more tools that have templates or patterns or whatever you can call them. But the problem with them is that either they aren't styled nicely and it is cumbersome to change them to your exact wished. Maxi Blocks has a nicely designed Template library and you can easily style the templates by using one of the predefined style cards. And you can edit the style card like changing colours and fonts and then you can activate them accross all the templates on your page. I've just started playing with it. It seems extremely powerfull too. A small wish would be that the style cards would work cross site instead of on per page basis. You can however easily select a style card you set on another page though. I did a small test and it didn't really affect the pagespeed.
28 Nisan 2023 1 yanıt
This WordPress plugin is such a great find! It comes with plenty of options to choose from, allowing you to customize and personalize your experience. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to get started, and the robust features make it suitable for even the most complex projects. I'm so glad I could find this plugin. It has been a great help for me in starting up my website, giving me the freedom to make it look exactly the way I want. I've also been able to use it to build more complex sites. Whatever your needs are, this plugin will meet them. It's well-documented and supports plenty of features that make it an ideal choice for WordPress users. This plugin is an incredible find for those who are looking for something that offers a lot of options and is easy to use. It's a brilliant choice for beginners and experienced developers alike, and I highly recommend it. I was able to beta test it so I'm excited to see how people use it.
6 incelemeyi oku

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Updates: 23 February 2024
MaxiBlocks v1.7.2
* Update: After updating the plugin, a notification will now appear, advising you to check and potentially clear other caches on your site. This step, while manual, is crucial for maintaining optimal site performance and ensuring that all updates are fully applied across your website.
* Update: Implemented a more sophisticated versioning mechanism to automatically clear scripts and styles cache following each plugin update.

Updates: 22 February 2024
MaxiBlocks v1.7.1
* Update: Implemented code optimizations to enhance the speed of the editor interface, resulting in a more efficient and responsive user experience. Additionally, these optimizations have reduced the overall size of the plugin, improving load times and resource usage.
* Update: Enhanced scroll effects with the introduction of customizable zones and units, allowing for more precise and versatile animations as users navigate through content.
* Fix: Adjusted colour opacity settings within Style Cards to ensure accurate and consistent visual representation across all use cases.
* Fix: Updated the S breakpoint width to 767 pixels for Style Cards on the frontend, ensuring optimal layout and responsiveness across devices.
* Fix: Addressed and corrected potential JavaScript warnings related to scroll effects, enhancing stability and performance of scroll-related animations and interactions.
* Fix: Resolved an issue where the Style Cards Editor save button failed to become active upon making modifications within the Light and Dark tabs, ensuring changes are now properly recognized and can be saved promptly.

Updates: 6 February 2024
MaxiBlocks v1.7.0
* Update: Added Gutenberg navigation menu block support when placed inside of a Container Maxi block. Controlled via global Style Cards settings:
1. Typography, colour, and padding settings for menu items.
2. Extend navigation block mobile menu breakpoint (600px) to MaxiBlocks responsive grid break points 4k XXL, 1920 XL, 1366 L, 1024 M, 767 S & 480 XS.
3. Change colours and other styles for mobile/burger menu. Future support planned for 20 “hamburger menu” icons already available in the icon library.
4. Supports A-current, A-visited and hover colours. These styles improve navigation by visually indicating the current page, visited pages, and clickable links in nav menu items.
How to create a menu:
Start from the WordPress Site Editor Experience (previously called FSE), add a Container Maxi block to the header. Place a Gutenberg navigation menu block inside, then toggle MaxiBlocks Style Cards open. Create/Edit your custom Style Card under “Navigation menu globals” settings panel. Help article to follow.