Powered Cache – Caching and Optimization for WordPress – Easily Improve PageSpeed & Web Vitals Score


Powered Cache is a comprehensive caching and optimization plugin for WordPress. It’s easy to use and dramatically boosts site performance in a few clicks.

Powered Cache Free contains everything that you need to optimize your website performance, and the Powered Cache Premium plugin and its extensions unlock even more tools and functionality.

Features ⚡️

Simple and easily configurable: You can import and export settings with a single click.

Page Caching: Lightning-fast pages. (Trusted by enterprise-grade websites)

Object Caching: Speed up dynamic pageviews. It supports Redis, Memcached, Memcache, and APCu.

Page Cache Rule Management: Need advanced caching configurations? Got it covered under advanced options. Details

File Optimization: Easily minify and combine CSS, JS files.

Database Optimization: Keep redundant data away from your database.

Media Optimization: Enable Lazy Load, control WordPress embeds, remove emoji scripts.

Combine Google Fonts: Combine Google Fonts URLs into a single URL and optimize the font loading.

Rewrite Support: Automatic .htaccess configuration for the ideal setup. The cached file can be served without executing PHP at all.

Mobile Support: Separate cache file for mobile, in case want to use the separate theme for the mobile.

Logged-in User Cache: If you have user-specific content or running a membership site, it creates cached results for the logged-in users.

CDN Integration: Integrate your website with CDN; you just need to enter CNAME(s) and corresponding zones.

Cache Preloading: Creating cached pages in advance. This feature will keep caching layer warm.

Prefetched DNS: Resolve domain names before resources get requested. Reduce DNS lookup time.

Gzip Support: Compress caching files with gzip.

Built-in Extensions: Cloudflare, Heartbeat

Multisite Support: You can activate network-wide or site basis. It’s compatible with domain mapping.

Smart Cache Purging: Only purge the cache that is affected by the content changes.

Compatible: Tested and compatible with popular plugins.

Battle Tested: Trusted by enterprise-grade websites.

Built-in Extensions

Built-in extensions (aka add-ons) shipped with Powered Cache to provide more functionality.

Cloudflare: Cloudflare compatibility and functionalities Free
Heartbeat: Manage the frequency of the WordPress Heartbeat API. Free
Varnish: Varnish cache purging Premium only
Google Tracking: Powered Cache will host Google scripts on your server to help satisfy the PageSpeed recommendation. Premium only
Facebook Tracking: Powered Cache will host Google scripts on your server to help satisfy the PageSpeed recommendation. Premium only

Premium özellikler

Here is a list of the amazing features included in Powered Cache Premium:

  • Sitemap Preloading
  • Scheduled Database cleanups.
  • Varnish extension.
  • Google tracking extension.
  • Facebook tracking extension.
  • WP-CLI commands are ready to save your time.
  • Top-notch premium support.
  • No Ads on the plugin page.

By upgrading to Powered Cache Premium you also get access to one-on-one help from our knowledgeable support team and our extensive documentation site.

Learn more about Powered Cache Premium

Katkı Yapmak & Hata Bildirimleri

Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on Github. Some of our features are premium only, please consider before sending PR.


Documentation site: https://docs.poweredcache.com/

Developer Docs: https://poweredcache.github.io/docs/ (Hook referance)

WordPress içinden

  1. ‘Eklentiler > Yeni Ekle’
  2. ‘Powered Cache’ şeklinde arayın
  3. Eklenti sayfasından Powered Cache’i etkinleştirin.
  4. Hepsi bu.


  1. powered-cache dizinini /wp-content/plugins/ dizini içerisine yükleyin
  2. Eklentiler sayfasından Powered Cache eklentisini etkinleştirin
  3. Hepsi bu.

Ekran Görüntüleri

  • Temel seçenekler
  • Gelişmiş seçenekler
  • File Optimization
  • Media Optimization
  • CDN Integration
  • Preload Options
  • Database Optimization
  • Extensions


How do I know my site is being cached?

The easiest way is to make sure your site is being cached. Open your site in incognito mode of your browser and right-click on the page. If you see <!-- Cache served by PoweredCache --> information that means you are getting a cached result.

Çoklu site ile uyumlu mu?

Yes, it’s 100% compatible with multisite. You can activate it on the network-wide or per-site basis.

Is it compatible with domain mapping?

Yes, it’s compatible with Mercator and native domain mapping feature with WordPress core.

Yerleşik uzantı nedir?

Powered Cache’i WordPress için komple optimizasyon çözümü olarak geliştirdik. Ancak, kullanmak istemediğiniz bazı özellikleri kontrol edebilmeniz için dahili bileşenleri yapısı sunduk. İhtiyacınıza göre bileşenleri kullanabilirsiniz.

Peki mobil önbelekleme?

Mobil cihazları ve tarayıcıları destekliyoruz, kullandığınız tema responsive değilse mobil önbelleği ayrı olarak saklayabilirsiniz.

Eklentinin premium sürümünü nasıl edinebilirim?

poweredcache.com üzerinden satın alabilirsiniz.

Cloudflare ile uyumlu mu?

Yes, you just need to enable Cloudflare extension.

Jetpack ile uyumlu mu?

Evet, Jetpack ile herhangi bir sorun yaşamıyoruz.

Is it compatible with WPML?

Yes, it’s compatible with WPML.

Eticaret eklentileriyle uyumlu mu?

Yes, you can use with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads and BigCommerce. If you are using any other eCommerce plugin, just make sure dynamic pages are excluded from the cache.

How can I disable caching for a particular page?

You can disable caching from the meta box in the post editing page or enter pages in the “Never cache the following pages” under the “Advanced Options” section.

Can I export/import settings?

Yes, you can find export/import options in the “Misc” sections of the settings page.

Does it cache API requests?

Yes, it caches GET requests on API. If you have query parameters on the request, you will need to allow query parameter in the”Accepted query strings” under the “Advanced Options” section.

Is it compatible with PHP 8+

Yes, it’s compatible with PHP 8+


17 Mayıs 2021
This plugin totally crippled my server (shared). CPU went to 100%.... and stayed at 100%. It took hours for my server to respond again. I had to manually deactivate the plugin and remove it afterwards to get the website up and running again. Version of WordPress used: WordPress 5.7.2
28 Şubat 2021
I think Powered Cache is the best option if you need a caching plugin that distinguishes between desktop and mobile. At least, I love it for that. And I love it also because it writes in the .htaccess file, so, when the page is served by the cache, no lines of PHP code runs. You can't ask more. I wish you all the best in growing this amazing plugin.
18 Eylül 2020
I've installed the plugin and testing it for few times and here is my review 1. The plugin does not has the option to remove/delete cached objects/pages 2. When enabled Cloudflare addon, it displays only the domains you bought at Cloudflare, it does not list the domain you only use Cloudflare DNS, so this feature actually useless.
4 Nisan 2020
I don't know what witchcraft the developer use but this plugin literally obliterates the competition. It is not only fast loads the pages, it can handle many concurrent requests without a problem. I test drive it with loader.io in my woocommerce site. All other plugins gave many percent error rates and the average response time was above second. With this plugin the error rate was 0.5% - 0.9% and the average response time was 200-400ms with 1000 concurrent connections running on a cheap VPS. Hands down then best.
19 incelemeyi oku

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Değişiklik Kaydı


  • Small UI updates
  • Fix: metabox registration on the screens other than post


  • Hotfix: don’t break block editor on reusable blocks


  • Fix: Smart cache purge on post update.
  • Localization improvements: Set script localization correctly.
  • Improved WPML compatibility.
  • Added .htaccess execution rule for file optimizer.

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