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Quote Generator


Quote generator plugin allows clients,staff or both create a quote and/or schedule appointments on the web as well as see availability calendar in real time.

Quote generator plugin for field service, installation, service contracting companies, etc.

The Order submitted via the forms are sent to the email address provided in the WordPress settings and a copy can be sent to the user who filled out the form (optionally).

The booking form can be linked to a PayPal or Stripe payment process.

Quote Generator includes a form builder for editing fields, including one or more automatically calculated fields based in the data entered in other fields.
Easily customize to fit your pricing structure.

Creating a quote with Quote generator plus plugin gives you control of what and how to price. Quote generator also allow you setting up your database of items based on your cost and your terminology. The program also allow you to up sell the base price by adding options such as installments, accessories and other enhancements that will determine the final price.

Quote generator help you to easily enter dimensions and quantity and set discounts based on a size and quantity.

Set what time you are available. Only allow you to book appointments when you are available and block out any dates or hours.

Once created, the form can be quickly deployed by placing its corresponding short code where youd like the form to appear: in page, post, or widget area.

Quote generator plus was meant to handle complexity a can be tailored to your needs.

Quote generator adapts to every device, desktops, tablets or smartphones.
Supported by all major browsers.

Price estimation form
Discount based on a size, quantity, total amount, etc.
Online Order
Availability calendar
Schedule appointment
Additional field can be added in order form and email
PayPal and Stripe integration

Form elements:
Numeric Slider (with image)
Select box with images
Checkbox (with image)
on/off fields

Calculated Fields Form can be used for:
1. Calculated form, example: general calculators, calculate quotes for appointments and services etc…
2. Contact form: It can be used like any other contact form where you can define which fields will have the form.
3. PayPal and Stripe payment button/form: It can be used to accept a PayPal and Stripe payments (optionally).


Contributors: Quotegenerator
Plugin Name: Quote Generator
Plugin URL: http://quotegeneratorplus.com/wordpress
Plugin Demo: http://quotegeneratorplus.com/wordpress/demo
Donate link: http://quotegeneratorplus.com/wordpress

Tags: quoting, ordering, wp, php, eval, malicious, url
Author URI: http://www.quotegeneratorplus.com
Autor: Vitaliy Zakhodylo
Requires at least: 3.5.1
Tested up to: 4.7.2
Stable tag: 4.7
License: GPLv2 or later
License URI: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html

The Quote Generator plugin allows your customer to conveniently receive instant quotes and place orders online.

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To install the WordPress plugin follow these steps:

  1. Unzip the downloaded file and copy the files into the folder “/wp-content/plugins”.
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. To insert the contact form into some page or post add this shortcode to any page: [quotegenerator file=’qgcode’] Copy this shortcode [quotegenerator file=’qgcode’] Click WordPress “Pages”->”Your page” and click “Edit” Paste the shortcode into the page and click “Update”.
  4. Configure the settings at the administration menu >> Settings >> Quote_Generator.


How to set up settings?

Go to WordPress -> Settings -> Quote_Generator


9 Mart 2017 1 yanıt
I was thinking of purchasing this plugin. It's a noble idea and just what I needed. However, I downloaded, installed it and after trying to customize my form, save for some colors and adding of items, NOTHING is configurable... and there's no warning to the user not to waste their time in trying to customize it. I made a mock order. Never got a notification, it didn't go into my orders queue. I guess you have to buy it just to find out if it works the way you'd like too as well? Terrible user experience, terrible delivery... I'd rather go overkill and install a serious plugin like WooCommerce than trying to imagine how and if this plugin will work in the paid version. Two thumbs down man!
2 incelemeyi oku

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