Simple Lightbox


Simple Lightbox is a very simple and customizable lightbox that is easy to add to your WordPress website.


Options for customizing the lightbox behavior are located in the Appearance > Lightbox admin menu (or just click the Settings link below the plugin’s name when viewing the list of installed plugins)

  • Automatically activate links (no manual coding required)
  • Automatically resize lightbox to fit in window
  • Customize lightbox with themes
  • Mobile-optimized responsive themes included
  • Customizable lightbox animations
  • Infinitely customizable with add-ons
  • Supports WordPress image attachment links
  • Supports links in widgets
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • Display media metadata (caption, description, etc.) in lightbox
  • Enable Lightbox depending on Page Type (Home, Pages, Archive, etc.)
  • Group image links (play as a slideshow)
  • Group image links by Post (separate slideshow for each post on page)


  1. Insert links to images/image attachments into your posts/pages

That’s it! The image will be displayed in a lightbox automatically.

Ekran Görüntüleri

  • Lightbox Customization Options
  • Light Theme
  • Dark Theme


  1. Install and activate SLB
  2. Verify that your site’s theme uses the wp_head(), wp_footer(), & the_content() template tags (standard in any professional theme)


Get more information on Simple Lightbox’s official page

Installation Instructions
  1. Install and activate SLB
  2. Verify that your site’s theme uses the wp_head(), wp_footer(), & the_content() template tags (standard in any professional theme)


Works with WP Fastest Cache

I have always used Easy Fancybox for single image popups but after upgrading to the paid version of WP Fastest Cache, it would not work.

No amount of JS exclusions would fix it. So I hunted for a replacement and found this plugin.

It worked straight out of the box. A couple of tweaks and everything is perfect. Highly recommend if you need full caching for your site.

dont work

ну что сказать – просто не работает (ссылки все проставлены, настройки задрочены туда-обратно и по дефолту), зря время не тратьте

Just what I needed

Works perfectly out of the box. I was scratching my head on how to integrate the original Lightbox 2 into WordPress because the original plugin no longer works properly. But then came across this one and it works perfectly. Thank you for developing the plugin!

Works perfectly out-of-the-box

Works perfectly out-of-the-box for me on WP 4.9. I download the file, unpacked it, uploaded the simple-lightbox folder to my server, enabled the plugin in WP Admin and it worked immediately. Kudos to the author for making a plugin that works perfectly out-of-the-box. Thank you!

Must-Have Plugin

This is one of my ‘Must-Have’ plugin!.
It is very easy to use and comes just ‘Out-of-the-Box’.
Simple Lightbox is clean, simple and just perfect for common use of Lightboxes.

(I have just translated Simple Lightbox into Danish)

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Değişiklik Kaydı


  • Add: Activate links in native WordPress navigation menus (enable in admin settings)
  • Add: Group menu links separately (enable in admin settings)
  • Optimize: Fallback lightbox title text retrieval (link text)
  • Fix: Undefined variable in Utilities::get_plugin_base_file() (The Lost Temple of Xavivars)


  • Optimize: Entity handling in URIs for different server environments


  • Fix: Activation when Home page set to static page (Lyra’s Static Cling)
  • Optimize: Prep for WordPress language packs


  • Update: Client-side Utilities library
  • Optimize: Request processing


  • Fix: Query string removed from URI (A Stern Query)
  • Optimize: Key-based asset data storage/retrieval
  • Optimize: Improved cache usage when processing links
  • Optimize: Refactor image URI detection


  • Fix: Ungrouped items in empty group (Robert & The Lost Group)
  • Fix: IE8 Support (S.Franzis’ Legacy)
  • Optimize: Widget support
  • Optimize: Relative and internal URI handling
  • Optimize: Link activation performance


  • Update: WordPress version compatibility (v4.2.1)
  • Optimize: Standardize code
  • Optimize: Do not process excerpt content
  • Optimize: Client-side libraries (Phase 1)
  • Add: Set group via slb_activate()
  • Add: Set group via activate_links()
  • Add: slb_is_enabled filter


  • Fix: WordPress version requirement
  • Optimize: Field collection group parsing


Full Release Notes

  • Update: WordPress 3.9 support
  • Update: Support URI, content
  • Add: Enhanced grouping support
  • Add: Shortcode: [slb_group]
  • Add: Shortcode: [slb_exclude]
  • Add: Filter: slb_pre_process_links
  • Add: Filter: slb_post_process_links
  • Add: Filter: slb_process_link_attributes
  • Add: Filter: slb_media_item_properties
  • Add: Filter: slb_pre_exclude_content
  • Add: Filter: slb_exclude_shortcodes
  • Add: Filter: slb_group_shortcodes
  • Add: Template Tag: slb_activate() – Manually activate content
  • Add: Option to enable/disable usage of WordPress-generated media title
  • Add: Dev mode
  • Add: Theme breakpoints
  • Optimize: Remove deprecated code
  • Optimize: Remove deprecated legacy support
  • Optimize: Content exclusion performance
  • Optimize: Content grouping performance
  • Optimize: Harden code against third-party post query modifications
  • Optimize: Utility code
  • Optimize: Loading process
  • Optimize: Client-side code
  • Optimize: Client-side: Code loading
  • Optimize: Client-side: Simplified dependency detection
  • Optimize: Client-side: Default Theme transitions
  • Optimize: Grunt: Cleanup
  • Optimize: Grunt: Path abstraction
  • Optimize: Grunt: Task loading
  • Optimize: Grunt: Selective file compilation


  • Optimize: Widget processing
  • Optimize: Remove call-time-pass-by-references


  • Fix: Enable/Disable lightbox on certain requests (Danny the Enabler)
  • Fix: Widget links grouped with post links (Rafa’s Widgetarian Adventure)
  • Optimize: Client-side loading
  • Optimize: Theme validation
  • Optimize: Widget processing


  • Update: WordPress 3.8 support
  • Add: Add-on support
  • Add: Load external data for item
  • Add: Unloading process for viewer
  • Add: Relative links marked as “internal”
  • Add: Grunt build workflow
  • Optimize: Initialization process
  • Optimize: Client-side output (JavaScript, CSS)
  • Optimize: Improved URI handling (variants, query strings, etc.)
  • Optimize: Improved support for content types (video, etc.)
  • Optimize: Improved File contents retrieval
  • Optimize: Plugin metadata cleanup
  • Optimize: Use absolute paths for file includes (props k3davis)


  • Fix: PHP configuration issue on some web hosts (Tim’s got (config) issues)
  • Optimize: Hide overlapping elements when lightbox is displayed (e.g. Flash, etc.)


  • Fix: Incorrect paths when WP in subdirectory (Kim’s Van Repair)


  • Fix: Automatic resizing
  • Fix: Compatibility with non-standard wp-content location (On the Path of the Wijdemans)
  • Optimize: jQuery dependency handling
  • Optimize: Plugin initialization
  • Optimize: Deferred component stylesheet loading
  • Optimize: Code cleanup


  • Update: Finalized Theme API
  • Update: Finalized Content Handler API
  • Update: Finalized Template Tag API
  • Update: Administration framework
  • Add: Baseline theme
  • Add: Hook for extending image link matching
  • Optimize: Link validation
  • Optimize: Intelligent client-side loading
  • Optimize: Server-side processing
  • Optimize: Default theme display
  • Fix: False positive link activation (What’s eating Gilbert’s links?)
  • Fix: Gallery post format compatibility (Just Juan problem with galleries)


  • Completely rewritten lightbox code
  • Add: Automatically resize lightbox to fit window
  • Add: APIs for third-party add-ons
  • Add: Flexible theme support
  • Add: Flexible content handler support
  • Add: Mobile-optimized responsive themes (2)
  • Optimize: PHP class autoloading
  • Optimize: Improved performance and compatibility
  • Optimize: Full internationalization support


  • Add: Widget support
  • Add: WordPress 3.3 support
  • Add: Localization support
  • Add: Option to group gallery links separately (supports WordPress & NextGen galleries)
  • Add: Upgrade notice
  • Optimize: WP 3.3 compatibility
  • Optimize: Improved compatibility with URI case-sensitivity
  • Optimize: Activation processing
  • Optimize: Image grouping
  • Optimize: Image metadata loading performance
  • Optimize: File loading
  • Optimize: Improved safeguards against interference by bugs in other plugins
  • Optimize: Link processing performance
  • Optimize: Lightbox styling isolated from site styles
  • Optimize: Improved link processing performance
  • Optimize: Improved image metadata support
  • Optimize: Improved support for HTTP/HTTPS requests
  • Fix: SLB is not defined in JS (Jezz Hands)
  • Fix: Boolean case-sensitivity (78 Truths)
  • Fix: YouTube embed using iFrame overlaps lightbox (Elena in Hiding)
  • Fix: Issue when scanning links without valid URLs (McCloskey Iteration)
  • Fix: Image activation is case-sensitive (Sensitive Tanya)
  • Fix: Visible lightbox overlay edges when image larger than browser window (Chibi Overlay)
  • Fix: Options availability for some users
  • Fix: Inconsistent loading of image metadata
  • Fix: Links not fully processed when group is set manually


  • Add: Display image description in lightbox (with HTML support)
  • Add: Support for W3 Total Cache plugin
  • Add: Initial support for NextGEN galleries
  • Update: Important: System Requirements aligned with WP 3.2.1
  • Optimize: Improved support for small images in default template
  • Optimize: Support for non-English text in user options
  • Optimize: Improved IE compatibility
  • Optimize: Improved data handling
  • Optimize: Skin loading performance
  • Optimize: Skin CSS Cleanup
  • Optimize: Caption support for galleries
  • Optimize: Options code cleanup (Juga Sweep)
  • Fix: User-defined UI text not used (Ivan gets Even (cooler))
  • Fix: Options reset after update (KRazy Donna)

  • Fix: Disabled links not being disabled (Disabling Sascha)


  • Add: Distinct link activation (will not affect other lightboxes)
  • Add: Backwards compatibility with legacy lightbox links (optional)
  • Add: Support for WordPress 3.2
  • Add: Support for links added after page load (e.g. via AJAX, etc.)
  • Add: Admin option to enable/disable attachment links
  • Add: Support for image attachment links
  • Update: Options management overhaul
  • Update: Additional WordPress 3.2 support (Gallery)
  • Update: Cache-management for enqueued files
  • Update: Improved UI consistency
  • Update: Improved compatibility for older versions of PHP
  • Update: Internal optimizations
  • Update: Improved URL handling
  • Fix: Improved options migration from old versions (Hutchison Migration)
  • Fix: XHTML Validation (Hajo Validation)


  • Add: Optional Link validation
  • Add: Keyboard Navigation
  • Add: Option to enable/disable image caption
  • Add: rel attribute supported again
  • Add: Use slb_off in link’s rel attribute to disable automatic activation for link
  • Fix: HTTPS compatibility (Jürgen Protocol)
  • Fix: Enabling SLB on Pages issue
  • Fix: Zmanu is_single
  • Fix: Image order is sometimes incorrect
  • Optimize: Filter double clicks
  • Optimize: Separate options to enable/disable SLB on Posts and Pages
  • Optimize: Better grouping support


  • Fix: Caption may not display under certain circumstances (Caption Erin)
  • Fix: Images not grouped when “separate by post” option is activated (Logical Ross)
  • Update: Lightbox will not be activated for links that already have rel attribute set


  • Fix: Slideshow loops out of control (Mirage of Wallentin)
  • Fix: Lightbox fails when group by posts disabled (Lange Find)
  • Add: Option to use the image’s URI as caption when link title not set (Under UI options)


  • Add: WP Gallery support
  • Fix: Navigation hidden when only one image
  • Fix: Use user-defined UI text


  • Add: Theme support
  • Optimize: Javascript cleanup and file size reductions
  • Optimize: CSS cleanup


  • Update: Integrated with jQuery
  • Optimize: Javascript filesize 9x smaller
  • Add: Close lightbox by clicking to left/right outside of image (an oft-requested feature)


  • Add: Option to enable/disable lightbox resizing animation (thanks Maria!)


  • Update: Utilities code (internal)


  • Add: Customizable UI label text (close, next, and prev button images can be replaced in images directory)
  • Add: Group image links by Post (separate slideshow for each post)
  • Add: Reset settings link on plugin listings page
  • Optimize: Organized settings page


  • Fixed: Image title given higher precedence than Image alt (more compatible w/WP workflow)


  • Added: Option to group automatically activated links
  • Optimized: Lightbox caption retrieval


  • Added: Enable/disable lightbox functionality by page type (Home, Pages/Posts, Archive, etc.)
  • Added: Automatically activate lightbox functionality for image links
  • Added: Link to settings menu on plugin listing page
  • Optimized: Options menu field building
  • Optimized: Loading of default values for plugin options
  • Optimized: General code optimizations


  • Initial release