Making WordPress multilingual

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qTranslate X

Adds a user-friendly multilingual dynamic content management.

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Lingotek Translation

Convenient cloud-based localization and translation for WordPress.

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WooCommerce & qTranslate-X

Enables multilingual framework for plugin "WooCommerce – excelling eCommerce".

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A straight-forward multilingual plugin. No more double-digit custom DB tables or hidden HTML comments that…

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Plugin Load Filter

Dynamically activate the selected plugins for each page. Response will be faster by filtering plugins.

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Admin Locale

This plugin allows you to change the language of the admin panel without changing the…

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BuddyPress Multilingual

BuddyPress Multilingual allows BuddyPress sites to run fully multilingual using the WPML plugin.

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Multisite Language Switcher

A simple, powerful and easy to use plugin that will help you to manage multilingual…

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Language Fallback

Set a language as a fallback for the chosen language (e.g. "Deutsch" as a fallback…

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Flag Icons

Flags Icons Language Switcher.

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WordPress Language

Run localized WordPress sites easily. Select the language and everything else happens automatically.

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