Force Secure Site

OFF SSL with 1 click! Add an SSL certificate & Force Secure Siteto redirect site…

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Integrate the Google's reCAPTCHA Google's reCAPTCHA v2 Checkbox or v3 into the forms and protect…

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Apache Password Protect

Simple, but strong HTTP security, to prevent Brute force attack. One-click solution!

Vitaliy Kaplya 60+ etkin kurulum 3.6.0 ile test edildi 8 sene dakika önce güncellendi

BuddyPress Private Community

This plugin makes your BuddyPress community private. Only logged in members can view the social…

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Restrict File Access

Schütze hochgeladene Dateien vor unbefugtem Zugriff.

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Awesome SSL

Awesome SSL is the easiest way to add an SSL Certificate to your WordPress Website.…

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Custom WP Registration Form

Create a custom WordPress registration form with an array that automatically logs in user. Define…

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Encrypted Contact Form

Secure contact form for WordPress. Uses end-to-end encryption to send user information. Not even your…

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Htaccess Secure Files

Allows securing files in WP's media library to be only accessible to users with specific…

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SSL Verification Badge

Plugin will display the current status and certificate issuer for your SSL certificate in the…

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Cat-Pass lets you password-protect categories. Caution: deactivating the plugin will render your protected posts visible…

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Secure post with link

Adds new post status "Secured with Link". Posts with this status will be accessible only…

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WP Encrypted Uploads

Encrypt your uploaded files using state-of-the-art encryption standards, and prevent unwanted access to your private…

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