Translation Tools


Use any Locale, with or without Language Packs

With core Language Packs you can easily change the language of your WordPress install.

The Language Packs are only provided for 100% translated Locales.

If you need a Locale that has no Language Packs yet, this tool helps you by enabling ALL Locales on the list of the available languages.

Compatible with plugin Preferred Languages

The plugin Preferred Languages overrides the standard languages field for site and user languages.

All the features added by Translation Tools are available for Preferred Languages users.

Update your WordPress translation, on demand

If you need to update your WordPress core translation on demand without waiting for a language pack to be generated, this tool allows you to manually update all the needed files for the installed version, with one click, in a few seconds.

Go to “Update WordPress Translation” on the Updates screen.

All WordPress core sub-projects

  • Development
  • Continents & Cities
  • Administration
  • Network Admin

All translation files

  • .po (editable translation files)
  • .mo (binary translation files)
  • .json (JavaScript translation files)

WordPress Translations tests and info in Site Health

Check your WordPress core translations in Site Health tests page.

The Site Health debug info shows the selected site and user languages, including multiple languages from the plugin Preferred Languages.

Ekran Görüntüleri

  • Language settings include Locales with NO Language Packs
  • Button to Update WordPress Translation on demand
  • Translations of all core sub-projects
  • Sub-project details and files
  • Notification of themes and plugins translations updates for Locales with no Language Packs
  • Automatic theme translation update for Locale with no Language Packs
  • Site Health test recommendation for incomplete WordPress translation
  • Site Health test passed for complete WordPress translation
  • Site Health debug info for site and user WordPress translations, compatible with Preferred Languages


Where can I find the full list of WordPress Locales?

Here is the complete list of all WordPress Locales.

Does my Locale have language packs?

Here is a list of the Locales WITH language packs.
Here is a list of the Locales WITH NO language packs.

My locale has language packs but the translation isn’t complete

You can force update the WordPress translation right from your Dashboard > Updates screen.
Click on the “Update WordPress Translation” and you’re done.
In a few seconds all the needed translation files (.po, .mo and .json) will be generated.

I can’t use my language in WordPress, themes and plugins because the Locale has no Language Packs

Now you can! Just install and activate this plugin to enable every possible Locales and translations.

My desired Locale doesn’t exist in the list

If your Locale doesn’t exist and you would like to request it, please click here.

Is this plugin compatible with the plugin Preferred Languages?

Short anwser: yes!

The plugin Preferred Languages overrides the standard languages field for site and user languages.

Since version 1.2.0, this plugin is compatible with Preferred Languages 1.6.0.

All the features added by Translation Tools are available for Preferred Languages users.

Can I help translating this plugin to my own language?

Yes you can! If you want to translate this plugin to your language, please click here.

Can I contribute to this plugin?

Sure! You are welcome to report any issues or add feature suggestions on the GitHub repository.


10 Ağustos 2020
A fundamental tool for translators (and not only), works flawlessly.
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Değişiklik Kaydı


  • Fix issue with Locale ‘en_US’ on user languages in Preferred Languages settings


  • New Site Health WordPress translations tests and debug info!
  • Site Health tests to show the current Language Packs status for your site and user languages, for your WordPress installed version
  • Site Health debug info includes details about your site and user language
  • Site Health tests and debug info are compatible with multiple languages configured in plugin Preferred Languages
  • Inspired by ticket #51039 (WIP)


  • Fix issue with missing strings from .json files, caused by overriding .json files from Development and Administration core sub-projects, instead of merging both.
  • Based on meta changeset #10064


  • New filter translation_tools_get_wp_translations_status to customize the status of the strings to download
  • New filter translation_tools_show_locale_codes to append Locale codes to each language
  • New filter translation_tools_show_locale_colors to highlight Locales without language packs
  • New filter translation_tools_translate_url to override the with a private GlotPress install with the same exact WP core structure
  • Filter ttools_get_wp_translations_status renamed to translation_tools_get_wp_translations_status
  • Compatible with plugin Translation Stats language select field
  • Code optimization


  • New filter ttools_get_wp_translations_status to customize the filtered strings to download, default is ‘current’
  • Fix support for core beta versions
  • Improve core translation sub-projects data through API
  • Tested up to WP 5.5
  • Minor code improvements


  • Fix invalid plugin header on activate



  • Improve usability, remove extra steps to add Locales with no Language Packs
  • Remove plugin setting to pre-add a Locale to the main list, all existent languages are now available immediately
  • Language settings now include all Locales, grouped by Language Packs status
  • Language settings are now available for site (General Settings screen) and for users (Profile and User Edit screens)
  • Rename additional available languages to “Native name [wp_locale]” format, instead of just the “wp_locale”
  • Link to update WordPress translation on the Site, Profile and User language setting description
  • Localized core update fallback to en_US for Locales with no Language Packs
  • Minor code improvements


  • Improve shown info when there are no settings yet
  • Improve shown info when there are no Locales missing Language Packs
  • Improve shown info when the API is unreachable
  • Minor code improvements


  • Initial release.