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The easy way to build a beautiful website.

Twentig helps you customize the default WordPress themes (Twenty Twenty-One and Twenty Twenty) the way you want with Google Fonts, colors, custom layouts, and many more options. With Twentig’s enhanced Gutenberg blocks and pre-designed block templates, it’s easier than ever to build stunning pages.

“Twentig is a plugin that essentially gives superpowers to the default Twenty Twenty theme.” — Justin Tadlock, WP Tavern

Customize Twenty Twenty-One & Twenty Twenty. Your way.

Twentig offers powerful features to customize Twenty Twenty-One and Twenty Twenty — making it easy to create your own professional website.

Advanced Customizer options. From post grid to sidebar to sticky header to footer layout, our plugin provides endless ways to enhance your WordPress theme. Change the look and feel of your website by customizing the fonts (Google Fonts), colors, global styles, 404 page, and more.

Custom page templates. Control the look of your entire page with our page templates. Easily remove the page title, header, footer, or set a transparent header. Now you can use Gutenberg blocks to create a custom hero, landing page, coming soon page, and more.

Tailored design. Twentig brings design improvements to the default WordPress theme. Our additional block settings and pre-designed block templates are specially built for it — so it’s easy to make beautiful pages with Gutenberg blocks.

Do more with WordPress blocks.

Twentig enhances the existing WordPress blocks — taking the block editor (codename Gutenberg) to a new level of design and creativity.

Block customization made easy. We’ve added the right amount of features to the WordPress core blocks. So you can easily customize your blocks to fit your needs with just a few clicks.

Powerful block features. Twentig provides alternative styles, advanced block settings, margin controls, and CSS classes. From columns style to group shape divider to typography settings, you have the best tools to customize your blocks and build stunning pages.

Build your website in no time with block templates.

Twentig brings hundreds of pre-designed block patterns and page layouts — making it easier and faster than ever to create stunning pages.

Flexible block templates. Choose from a variety of versatile block patterns and page layouts that you can mix and match to fit your project. Our block template library is designed to enable a wide range of uses and endless design possibilities.

Professional design. Crafted by award-winning designers, our block patterns and page layouts are responsive and give your pages a professional look right from the start — no coding or design skills needed.

Twentig features list

Check out the screenshots to see what you can do with Twentig.



  • Header layouts
  • Sticky header
  • Header width
  • Header decoration
  • Additional elements: search bar, social icons, button
  • Logo width
  • Custom logo for transparent header
  • Menu link style
  • Option to display the burger menu on tablet


  • Footer layouts
  • Footer widgets layout
  • Footer width
  • Custom copyright and remove “Powered by WordPress”
  • Social icons

Site Layout

  • Text width
  • Wide width (Twenty Twenty-One)

Blog Posts Page

  • Blog layouts: stack, post grid, post grid card
  • Blog sidebar (Twenty Twenty-One)
  • Number of columns for post grid layouts
  • Featured image options
  • Blog content options
  • Blog meta options
  • Pagination style (Twenty Twenty-One)

Single Blog Post

  • Featured image and post title layouts
  • Blog sidebar (Twenty Twenty-One)
  • Option to display the manual excerpt below the title
  • Single post meta options
  • Post navigation layout (Twenty Twenty)
  • Hide comments section

Typography & Colors

  • Google Fonts options (curated collection and custom Google Fonts)
  • Google Fonts pairings and Google Fonts presets
  • Font settings
  • Color options


  • Custom page templates: remove the page title, header, and footer, or set a transparent header
  • Featured image and page title layouts

Custom 404 Page

  • Option to assign any page as the 404 page

Additional Settings

  • Minimal style for links (Twenty Twenty-One)
  • Button style
  • Separator style
  • Social icons style (Twenty Twenty)


  • WordPress core blocks: top margin and bottom margin
  • Group block: shadow, border, shape divider, full height
  • Columns block: gutter, responsive layout, columns style (card, border), text alignment, stretched link
  • Media & Text block: styles (shadow, overlap), responsive layout, reverse stack order, stretched link, full height
  • Cover block: styles (shadow, inner border), full height, stretched link, hover effect
  • Heading block: font size preset, typography options, decoration
  • Paragraph block: wide width, typography options
  • List block: styles (dash, checkmark, arrow, border, no bullet, inline), typography options, spacing
  • Image block: styles (rounded, shadow, frame, border), image filter
  • Gallery block: stack variation, styles (rounded, frame), fixed width columns, image aspect ratio, gutter, responsive layout, caption size, border, image filter
  • YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, and Video blocks: style (frame)
  • Latest Posts block: styles (card, border), image aspect ratio, heading size, stretched link, text alignment
  • Social Icons block: color, size, hover effect
  • Quote block: additional styles
  • Pullquote block: additional styles
  • Table block: styles (border, inner border), vertical alignment
  • Buttons block: full width
  • Separator block: style (short line), responsive visibility
  • Spacer block: responsive visibility


Hundreds of block patterns grouped by following categories:

  • Columns
  • Text Columns
  • Text & Image
  • Text
  • Hero, Page Title Section
  • Cover
  • Call To Action
  • List
  • Numbers, Stats
  • Gallery
  • Video, Audio
  • Latest Posts
  • Contact
  • Team
  • Testimonials
  • Logos, Clients
  • Pricing
  • FAQ
  • Events, Schedule

Dozens of pre-designed pages grouped by following categories:

  • Homepage
  • About
  • Services
  • Contact

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Enjoying Twentig?

Ekran Görüntüleri

  • Twentig. The easiest way to build a website that fits your project — no coding or design skills needed.
  • Create a beautiful blog. Customize the design of your blog any way you like.
  • Customize your header. Change the layout and style, display social icons or a call-to-action button, and even stick the header to the top.
  • Customize your footer. Change the layout and style, edit the copyright, remove "Powered by WordPress", and more.
  • Add Google Fonts. Easily change your website's fonts with our font pairings or pick the Google Fonts of your choice.
  • Build with the Twentig template library. Create your pages in no time with our block patterns and page layouts.
  • Customize your blocks. Transform the existing WordPress blocks with advanced settings to create a beautiful page.
  • Build with block patterns. Choose from hundreds of ready-to-use block patterns that you can mix and match.
  • Build with custom page templates. Control the look of your entire page. Remove the page title, header, footer, or set a transparent header.
  • Create a custom 404 page. Delight your visitors with a stunning 404 page.


Install Twentig

To install and activate Twentig:

  1. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Click Plugins > Add New.
  3. Type Twentig in the search box.
    Alternatively, you can click on Upload Plugin to upload the plugin .zip file.
  4. Click on Install Now.

Once the installation has finished, click on Activate.

Install the default WordPress theme

To take full advantage of Twentig, we strongly recommend that you use Twenty Twenty-One (or Twenty Twenty), the default WordPress theme.

To install and activate Twenty Twenty-One:

  1. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Click Appearance > Themes.
  3. Search for the Twenty Twenty-One theme and click on Activate.

After installation

Twentig features appear inside the WordPress block editor and the Customizer.

  • Inside the Customizer (Appearance > Customize), you can locate our additional options in the Site Identity, Colors, and Twentig Options panels.
  • Inside the block editor, you can locate the [tw] icon at the top-right corner. It opens the Twentig block template library.
  • Inside the block editor, you can find our additional block settings inside the block settings sidebar (Style, Twentig settings, and Advanced panels) — depending on the selected block.
  • Inside the block editor, you can find our custom page templates under the Page Attributes panel inside the Page settings sidebar.


What are the requirements for using Twentig?

We recommend that you use the latest version of WordPress (5.6) to take full advantage of Twentig and the block editor.

Is Twentig easy to use?

With Twentig, no coding or design skills are needed. You can customize the default WordPress theme and the Gutenberg blocks in a few clicks. Our responsive pre-designed block patterns and layouts make it even easier to build professional-looking pages.

How to customize Twenty Twenty-One / Twenty Twenty with Twentig?

To customize your theme, launch the Customizer (Appearance > Customize). Here you can easily make and preview changes to your website before publishing them.

For Twenty Twenty-One, find our additional options in the Site Identity, Colors, and Twentig Options panels.

For Twenty Twenty, find our additional options in the Site Identity, Colors, Cover Template, and Twentig Options panels.

How to insert a block pattern?

  1. Inside the block editor, place your cursor where you want to insert the layout.
  2. In the top-right corner, click the [tw] icon to open the Twentig Library.
  3. Browse the categories and click on the block pattern you want to insert.
  4. Now you can add your content, customize, or rearrange the blocks as needed.

How to remove the page title, header and footer or set a transparent header?

To let you control the look of your entire page, Twentig provides 4 custom page templates. To change the template of a page:

  1. Open the page you want to edit.
  2. In the Settings sidebar, open the Page panel.
  3. Under Page Attributes, select the desired template.
  4. Update the page to apply the change.

How to replace the default page title with a custom hero?

Twentig allows you to replace the hero of a page. You can build it from scratch, or you can insert one of our pre-designed block patterns.

  1. Open the page you want to edit and set the page title as usual.
  2. Select one of the Twentig page templates (see previous question).
  3. Place your cursor at the top of the editor, just below the page title.
  4. In the top-right corner, click the [tw] icon to open the Twentig Library.
  5. Browse the “Hero, Page Title Section” category and click on the layout you want to insert.

Is Twentig RTL ready?

Yes! Twentig supports RTL (Right to Left) languages.


23 Ocak 2021
This plugin turned our website into a fast and beautiful site using the default twenty-twenty-one theme
12 Ocak 2021
I liked the twenty twenty theme... though there were some parts that made me want to change it! Luckily I found Twentig... Its absolutely amazing! It completes twenty twenty close to perfection! This Plugin works like a charm. Its super quick, easy to manage and does everything I wanted the twenty twenty theme to do - without adding a lot of extra bulk! Also the support is superb! I can only hope that this plugin will get many more updates, cause I do not see myself wanting something else anytime soon! Highly recommended! Thank you guys, made my day (and my website) - Adrean
12 Ocak 2021
Give thanks to the developers! There are a lot of strong points for this plugin. Customization of the Twenty Twenty theme is left to the user's imaginations. I am expecting to see more options added. One can tell from the history of development. For a free plugin, the response to my question was quick. I have subscribed to their e-mail. I surely want to be on top of future updates and what they plan to release next. Great customization tool!
12 Ocak 2021
I’ve got everything I need with this plugin to build my website. I can easily customize Twenty Twenty-One and create pages in a blink. Thanks so much for your work and time.
54 incelemeyi oku

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Değişiklik Kaydı


Release date: January 15, 2021

For Twenty Twenty-One:

  • New: Adds option to build the footer with the block editor.
  • New: Adds option to hide the single post navigation.
  • New: Adds Jetpack infinite scroll compatibility.
  • Enhancement: Improves Contact Form 7 style.
  • Fix: Prevents blog sidebar from displaying on non-blog pages.
  • Fix: Properly stretches the blog card link.
  • Fix: Fixes customizer range control when the value is set to 0.

For Twenty Twenty:

  • New: Adds option to build the footer with the block editor.
  • Enhancement: Improves Contact Form 7 style.
  • Fix: Restores the responsive layout of the Latest Posts block.
  • Fix: Fixes customizer range control when the value is set to 0.


Release date: January 6, 2021

  • Fix: Displays the footer when the footer layout isn’t set.
  • Fix: Prevents border from displaying when a featured image is set.
  • Fix: Changes Customizer Javascript to display the right options.


Release date: January 4, 2021

  • Fix: PHP 8 fatal ArgumentCountError (props to @misterfu).

For Twenty Twenty-One:

  • Enhancement: Changes responsive image sizes for the blog sidebar layout to optimize web performance.
  • Enhancement: Changes responsive image sizes for the Latest Posts block to optimize web performance.
  • Fix: Adds padding for the comments section when the header is sticky.
  • Fix: Keeps the burger menu closed when an anchor link inside the content is clicked.
  • Fix: Properly displays the burger menu navigation when the admin toolbar is enabled.


Release date: December 31, 2020

For the block editor:

  • New: Adds option to disable columns stacking for the Columns block.

For Twenty Twenty-One:

  • New: Adds blog sidebar.
  • New: Adds option to display a button in the header.
  • New: Adds button settings (colors, shape, text transform).
  • New: Adds content link color option.
  • New: Adds option to hide the footer.


Release date: December 26, 2020

Twentig 1.2 brings powerful features to enhance Twenty Twenty-One, the new default WordPress theme. Build a beautiful website with advanced Customizer options, enhanced Gutenberg blocks, custom page templates, block patterns, and more.

This release includes:

  • New: Added support for the Twenty Twenty-One theme.
  • Enhancement: For the Group block decoration, display the selected shape inside the block editor.
  • Enhancement: For the Twenty Twenty Customizer, change number inputs into range inputs.
  • Fix: Load theme-specific files after the theme is initialized to prevent errors when switching themes inside the Customizer.
  • Fix: For the Search block, remove the deprecated CSS classes.
  • Fix: For the Embed block, restore the margin controls.
  • Code quality: For Twenty Twenty, split the main PHP file into separate files.
  • Code quality: For Twenty Twenty, register specific block styles inside the theme PHP files.

See changelog for all versions.