WP Data Access


WP Data Access is a powerful data administration, publication and development tool. An intuitive interface helps to create responsive tables and charts for back-end and front-end usage in just minutes. Highly customizable CRUD pages are generated on the fly. No programming skills required.

The plugin supports more complex features for advanced users, including remote database and file access, master-detail pages, lookups, inline editing, advanced search options, dynamic hyperlinks, WordPress media library integration, WordPress role management integration and many more. Programmers can also benefit from the WP Data Access API, which can be used to access remote databases and data files directly from their PHP code.

Data Tables

Use the Data Publisher to create professional data tables for back-end and front-end usage.


  • Easy level: no coding skills required
  • Advanced level: JSON configuration
  • Expert level: add custom JavaScript functions


  • Global searching and sorting
  • Many static and interactive filters
  • Custom CSS styling [demo]
  • Server-side processing (default)
  • Client-side processing [demo]
  • Export to CSV, Excel, PDF and SQL, Print and Copy buttons (PREMIUM) [demo]
  • Integrated geolocation search (PREMIUM) [demo]
  • Multiple advanced search options (PREMIUM)
  • Interactive Search Builder (PREMIUM) [demo]
  • Interactive Search Panes (PREMIUM) [demo]
  • Custom queries and custom post types (PREMIUM)

Remote database and file access

WP Data Access supports access to several remote databases and remote data files.

Database tables created from remote database connections and remote data files are available from all plugin tools. Publications, charts, and projects can utilize these database tables. The remote connection wizard helps premium users set up the connection. Documentation is available for free users as well (requires DBMS and OS knowledge and root access).


  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • ProgreSQL
  • MariaDB
  • MySQL
  • MS Access (file based)
  • CSV files
  • JSON files
  • XML files


Create charts from SQL queries. The Query Builder is available to manage and test your SQL queries.

  • Google Charts integration
  • Bar, column, line and pie charts, histograms, gauges and data tables are supported [demo]
  • The Visual Query Builder is a helpful premium feature for users with little or no SQL knowledge.


Use Data Projects to create data driven WordPress apps that can be executed on the back-end and front-end. Projects are highly customizable using templates.

  • Auto generated CRUD pages
  • Parent-child relationships
  • Lookups
  • Remote and local databases
  • WordPress role integration
  • WordPress media library integration
  • Accessible from the WordPress dashboard and public pages
  • DataForms – fully responsive apps for back-end and front-end (PREMIUM) [demo]
  • Inline editing (PREMIUM)
  • Full-text search (PREMIUM)
  • Multiple advanced search options (PREMIUM)

Data Explorer

The Data Explorer helps WordPress users to manage local and remote data and databases directly from the WordPress dashboard.

  • Manage local and remote data and databases
  • Global search and replace on multiple databases and tables
  • Import SQL and CSV files (supports ZIP for large import files)
  • Exports to SQL, CSV, JSON and XML (supports extremely large table exports)
  • Rename, copy, truncate, drop, optimize and alter tables
  • Change table and column settings (advanced search, geolocation, inline editing and more)
  • Enable WordPress Media Library integration for specific table columns
  • Enable inline editing for specific table columns (PREMIUM)
  • Multiple advanced search options (PREMIUM)

Query Builder

Execute SQL queries directly from the WordPress dashboard.

  • Work on multiple SQL queries simultaneously (using tabs)
  • Save and reuse queries (for publications and charts)
  • Protects WordPress table structures and data
  • Interactive Visual Query Builder for user with limited or no SQL knowledge (PREMIUM)


Create a searchable geolocation map from a database table.

  • Google Maps integration (PREMIUM)
  • Supports seamless integration with Data Publisher tables (PREMIUM)
  • Define map settings per table (PREMIUM)
  • Dynamic marker layout configuration (PREMIUM)
  • Use static or user location (PREMIUM)
  • Search map within adjustable radius (PREMIUM) [demo]

Dashboards and widgets

Dashboards are designed for back-end usage. Widgets are highly customizable and can be shown on dashboards (back-end), webpages (front-end), and external websites.

  • Manage all your data in one location
  • Share your data widgets anywhere (PREMIUM)
  • Give specific users and user groups access to locked dashboards (PREMIUM)
  • Allow users to create their own dashboards (PREMIUM)

Data Designer

Create tables and indexes using an intuitive user interface.

  • Create tables and indexes
  • Modify tables and indexes
  • Supports reverse engineering and reconciliation

Plugin Settings

WP Data Access is highly customizable. Many detailed plugin settings are available to manage the plugin user interface and behavior.

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(1) Upload the WP Data Access plugin to your blog
(2) Activate it
(3) Navigate to the WP Data Access menu

1, 2, 3 and you’re done!


1 Ekim 2022
I'm a classic dev starting in the years when a dev needed to be fluent in SQL as well as the code language(s) and tools for front ends, been coding the web since before it was called the web and so the fundamental of Wordpress (data munged into displays) is just 'duh.' But Wordpress itself has never been more than a quickie system because running real RDBMS database features alongside the WP core but in discreate data stores had been a pain. But recently I had a group that was most comfortable with Wordpress and wanted something "real" along with their blog posts and pages AND they didn't have time enough for a full new system. I looked at PeachPie and was very impressed for getting the advantages of .Net Core compiled code instead of script, but it's alpha level at best and while great on Azure the group doesn't have the money for Azure. So tested Participants and was very impressed at the ease of hooking data results - but the multi-table option is in need of updates for WP6x. That lead to Formidable but while it advertises with the term "RDBM", it isn't - it is very, very pretty but the relational limitation and no hooks for obfuscating the internal ids set it aside. Then... I spotted WPDA. Bad searching on my part, I had never seen it before. Ahhhh. It took a few days to get the muscle memory of the system and Peter was IMMEDIATE on answering my noob questions and my somewhat less noob questions. He speaks the language of an Oracle/Sql Server developer. A week after my test install, I bought the full pro package for unlimited sites. As the title of this review says, having a tool that lets me do what I think a website should be able to do while retaining the ease of the Wordpress blog-based core has changed my view of Wordpress itself. I am still keeping PeachPie on my back burner because - you know, COMPILED CORE CODE and full .Net Core abilities - but until that is ready for trusting for releases, WPDA is going to be a fundamental tool for projects for my Wordpress loving organizations.
1 Ekim 2022
I've been using the Premium version of WP Data Access for over a year now. It's used to manage a public directory of over 10,000 entries. I'm thoroughly impressed by the power and simplicity of this plugin. It's incredibly versatile, and the support provided by the developer is fantastic. WPDA does the jobs of several expensive plugins, and does them very well, for much less. Peter is very responsive to inquiries, and extremely helpful when it comes providing solutions for every challenge I've been able to throw at him. I wish all plugin programmers were as passionate. WPDA is constantly being improved and updated, and in just the past year I've seen the plugin grow considerably, often implementing new features and changes that I and others have requested or suggested.
21 Eylül 2022
The plugin works as advertised and the support is fabulous. Highly recommend.
12 Temmuz 2022
Unable to search entire database for a string. Can only search a single table at a time. Would be useful to also be able to export the database and download it directly from wp-admin, rather than setup a backup to file.
62 incelemeyi oku

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