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21 Mart 2022
... and nice options. Google Cloud can be a bit of pain to navigate, but the plugin works great!
11 Kasım 2021
This plugin used to be great. Not sure what happened with the developer. but they no longer update the plugin. The plugin has a lot of issues and they do not maintain it. This is a dead plugin and a dead project. I contacted UDX to see if I could PAY them to fix the issues I has having on our site. They told me, NOPE... They DO NOT OFFER SUPPORT ON THIS PLUGIN... EVEN PREMIUM SUPPORT... I was like... WOW.... So... Do yourself a favor. Do not install this plugin. It's a piece of trash. It's a dead project by UDX. And it will cause you more trouble than it's worth.
28 Nisan 2021
Every time I do saves anywhere on my site I get the error message "There has been a critical error on this website." and it only goes away when I deactivate the plugin. I've tried the plugin against all my other plugins and even when that's the only one active, it does the same thing.
9 Nisan 2021
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. On some upload links it uploads the content to Google cloud... On others upload links it loads it up to the local wp-content/uploads folder. The idea is great, but this plugin has too many bugs to be functional. I tried 3 different versions of WP but none worked. A true disappointment !
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