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13 Mayıs 2023
"Is this free? Yes, it’s totally free and it will remain free. No premium addons, or stuff will that will be added" ...but the website lists the ability to use custom plugins as a premium subscription. So that was a lie.
12 Nisan 2022
I've been looking for this simple and easy solution. Thanks!!
15 Mayıs 2020
At the first glance seems not as user friendly as WPCore. But I actually love this more, and here are the reasons: It supports working with WP favourites as saved at worpdress.org It supports CodeCanyon as a category in and of itself The free plugin list you can build is much more generous since you search by the plugin slug at wordpress.org, you can never be wrong and choose by mistake some other similarly named plugin (has happened to me with other similar tools) Overall, a HUGE time saver and works like a charm. Thank you so much!
3 Ocak 2020
I particularly like the sharing possibilities, allowing to manage collaborative lists. Add to that a reactive support 🙂 In short, I even wrote an article in French to promote this Plugin, that I also registered it in the Webmaster's collaborative Trello
25 Temmuz 2019
Despite the warning of possible abandonment, this plugin works fine with WP 5.2.2
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