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Ben Sibley tarafından

Sürüm: 1.52

Son güncelleme: 06.03.2024

Etkin kurulumlar: 3.000+

PHP sürümü: 5.6.40 ya da daha fazlası

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Author is designed for publishers who want readers. That's why Author is fast, responsive, accessibility-ready, and optimally designed for reading. All scripts and stylesheets are minified, concatenated, and conditionally loaded to maximize performance. The layout adapts fluidly to all screen sizes to enhance usability. As one of few accessibility-ready themes, it performs well for users with wide ranges of disabilities. Based on the ancient Van de Graaf canon, Author features a layout that promotes readability. Use Author to create a simple blog, magazine, or news website. The simple and minimalist design works great for gaming, business, fashion, music, food, travel, and photography niches. Now with complete WooCommerce support for eCommerce stores and fully compatible with the new Gutenberg post editor. Preview Author now on desktop, tablets, and mobile devices with the interactive live demo: https://www.competethemes.com/demos/?theme=author

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